Why Switch to Vaping

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Although vaping is new compared to smoking, its demand is rising very quickly, and its popularity is increasing. Many people are yet to understand whether vaping is better than smoking. Wholesale vaping supply has dramatically increased around the globe which indicates more people have switched to vaping from smoking. Here are reasons why you should switch to vaping.

Less harmful chemicals

Cigarettes contain so many harmful chemicals which are unhealthy to the body. Unlike cigarettes, vape does not have toxic chemicals like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, lead, and arsenic. Vapes like e-licious and e-liquid contain only flavoring, PG and VG. The absence of chemicals means vape is less dangerous and switching to it will means less harm to your body.

Less addictive

Presence of nicotine in cigarettes makes it very addictive and very hard to quit. However, vape liquids do not contain any nicotine in its ingredients, and therefore it is not addictive.

Variety of flavors

Vapes have various added flavors which are available to the user. Vape juice contains flavours like strawberry, menthol, Apple, caramel, cherry, and chocolate to name a few of them. On the other hand, Cigarettes have only tobacco varieties available to the users to suit the individual tastes and preferences. Additionally, these flavors are open to any vape wholesale distributor and online hence vapers can easily access them.

Less harmful to others

Smoking does harm not only the smokers but also the people around those who smoke. Switching to vape will mean less harm to your health and even to the people in your surroundings. Since vape is known as passive smoking, there are very few chances of smokers getting cancer or coronary diseases. Additionally, due to the odorless fumes and the pleasant smell of the vape, there are no likely effects to the people in the vicinity.

No harm to the environment

Smoking has many hazardous effects on the environment like littering and the risk of fire occurrences when smokers carelessly discard cigarette butts. Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not have any environmental risks and so switching to vaping will mean care for the environment.

Vaping is much cheaper

In addition to the benefits of being harmless to health, environmental and other people, vaping is more affordable compared to smoking. Though you will need to buy a mode of butting or an e-cigarette initially, it is not expensive when you compare to smoking. Vape juices can be obtained cheaply from online vape shops or locally vape shops which are very cheap.

Convenient to use

The best advantage with vape is that you don't have to worry on odor or smoke emitted while smoking. Depending on the laws governing your areas, vape can be used conveniently and publicly due to the absence of smell and harmless fumes which makes it much convenient compared to cigarettes.

Helps quit smoking

Many cigarette users use vape as the first step to stop smoking. There is empirical evidence that many chain and regular smokers when they start vaping, they cease tobacco for at least three month which eventually aids in quitting.

The Takeaway

Overall, vaping has many advantages compared to smoking, Apart from being harmless to the body and the people around , vape is environmentally friendly and cheaper compared to smoking. Switching to vaping will save your money and your health and still give you your preferred flavors and taste.

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