Common Causes of Knee Problems and How to Keep Your Knees Healthy

If you suffer from knee problems, you will want to know the cause and how to treat the condition. It is also important to have an experienced knee surgeon diagnose and repair the issues.

Common Causes of Knee Issues

The following issues are common causes for knee pain and should be ruled out before you look at less common problems. If you have any questions, contact a knee surgeon as they can provide more information.

Runner’s Knee

This condition can happen to young adults as well as those who are of middle age. Runner’s knee occurs when the kneecap rubs against the thigh. It does not just happen when you run, but can occur with other activities, especially going up and down the stairs. If you believe you have this condition, ensure you allow your body to rest.


This condition is a type of arthritis that happens when the lining of the joint wears down. It is most often seen in people over 50 years old and can cause limitations with activity because of the pain. However, strengthening the muscles around the knee can improve your ability to move without pain.

Sprains and Strains

Twisting your knee can lead to a sprain or strain of the ligaments and muscles. You may experience pain and swelling and find it difficult to walk. This condition will heal with rest.

Torn Cartilage

Cartilage can tear when you sprain your knee or from other trauma. You may need to wear a brace until the area heals to prevent additional injury. However, surgery can be necessary to repair the tear.


This condition is an inflammation of the tendons, which usually happens from overuse in physical activities like exercise. High impact activities place stress on the tendons and can lead to tendonitis.

How to Keep Your Knees Healthy

While you cannot always prevent knee issues, you can do your part to keep them healthy. Exercise strengthens the muscles in the leg, especially those around the knee. They can also improve the range of motion while protecting the knees.


Biking is a great way to move your knees and hips while not putting too much pressure on the weak areas. This is one activity you can enjoy as often as possible. Swimming is another option because it does not involve great impact while allowing you to be active.

Proper Body Mechanics

You place a lot of stress on the knees anytime you bend or lift. You can keep your knees healthy when you use proper mechanics for those motions. Do not forget to stretch well as that will warm up your muscles before you start to engage in strenuous activity.

Wear the Right Shoes

Another way to protect your knees is by wearing the right shoes for your activities. For example, special shoes for runners have cushioning that can reduce impact. When you keep your feet in line with the knees and hips, you will reduce stress on your legs.

Get Treatment Right Away With the Right Knee Surgeon

If you start to notice pain in your knees, do not just wait for it to go away. Many times, pain in the knees happens because of a progression of damage from the constant impact on the joints or continuing to work with an injury. If you have suffered from constant knee pain, it may be necessary to have a knee replacement.

Seek treatment with an experienced knee surgeon if your knee condition calls for replacement. You will want to find out about any restrictions on your activities while your knee heals to prevent further damage.