Dame Edna? No Thanks!

My most recent trip to the opticians did not go well, nope it did not go well at all. Not only did I get told off for not having been for a check-up in over five years, (yes I know it is bad and yes do go get booked in if you’re reading this and thinking ‘well I can’t remember the last time I went’); I was also told those dreaded words…You’re going to need some glasses.

Noooooooooo, was my initial thought as I panicked and thought about Elton John. But then I tried to act like a rational adult and reason with myself. Glasses are cool nowadays, which is true and they are pretty much a fashion accessory, which is also true. In fact, lots of cool people wear glasses now like Angelina Jolie, Frankie Boyle and even Will.I.Am for Pete’s sake.

By the time we’d got round to choosing frames I was feeling pretty chilled out about the whole thing. I was almost looking forward to becoming one of the cool spec wearers. That was of course until I tried on a pair and looked like Dame Edna. And then another and another and another. Oh no, I just didn’t suit glasses, what was I going to do?

Before I had a chance to enter another melt down phase, the optician asked if I had considered contact lenses. I had not and didn’t think I would as I find the thought of cleaning them and taking care of them quite a responsibility. I mean we are talking about my eyesight here after all. I shudder as I have thoughts of not using the right strength solution or not cleaning them adequately and scratching my eyeball. Nope I don’t think I could do that.

When I voiced my concerns he spoke to me about disposable contact lenses and the benefits that these might have over the traditional ones I was thinking of. He mentioned sauflon clariti which are daily disposable contact lenses. These contact lenses are made from what is purported to be the healthiest contact lens materials, silicon hydrogel and have a really high water content to boot. Not only that but they allow more oxygen to the cornea making them comfier to wear and healthier too.

After a sales pitch like that combined with the possibility of looking like Dame Edna for the rest of my life I decided to take the plunge. How could I not? Watch this space to hear how I get on!