How stress causes unhealthy weight loss

The fast pace of the never ending rat race has caused our lives to be inundated with so much stress. Stress can come in the form of the mounds of paperwork at your desk or the irate client that you spent hours trying to appease. It can be the stack of bills that need to be paid immediately. It can be the traffic jam that you experience during rush hour.  It could be your kids who want to play with you when all you want to do is sleep.

Stress is unhealthy. It causes so many negative side effects, one of which is unhealthy weight loss. The pressures of daily life can cause you to drop a stone or two much rapidly than is what is considered to be a healthy pace of three to five pounds per month. The abrupt weight loss is often attributed to lack of sleep, loss of appetite and improper eating habits.

Enough sleep is very important. It gives the body a chance to recover. It keeps the brain and all the other organs functioning well. When you are stressed, you end up tossing and turning, unable to sleep because of the nonstop thoughts plauging your mind. Or you go without because you have a looming deadline and will be working throughout the night. Constant lack of sleep will cause you to end up looking like a zombie with dark circles under your eyes, sallow skin, and loose fitting pants.

Stress can also kill the appetite. It can cause an overtime in the production of stomach acids. Worrying and fretting will usually leave you with a churning stomach. The idea of eating will make you cringe. With so many things to do in so little time, you might often find yourself skipping meals or just looking for a quick bite from the vending machine. These packaged foods are usually high in calories, but very low in nutrition.

Some people end up turning to stimulants like cigarettes and caffeine to cope with a very stressful daily life. While nicotine calm the nerves and caffeine gives a much needed boost, it is but fleeting. Smoking too much and drinking a lot of cups of coffee everyday can kill the appetite. Your body does not get much nutrition. Too much coffee is also a diuretic. You lose fluids much faster and dehydration can happen.

It takes some practice but unhealthy weight loss can be prevented with proper diet, exercise and better sleeping habits. Having good time management can allow you to carve out six to eight hours every day for sleeping. Eating a balanced diet that is chockfull of vitamins and minerals can give you the energy that you need to accomplish all your tasks. No matter how busy you are, take the time to exercise twice of thrice a week. Exercise allows you to sweat off the stress and improves your overall health.

Managing stress is all about making the right choices in life. It’s choosing what’s right for you.

Craig Jennings helps people battle weight loss and weight gain. He writes for The Park Club a family run gym in chiswick.