Erasing the Pain: 5 Reasons It Is Important to Keep a Heating Pad in Your Home

You have noticed how a hot shower soothes the pain and aches inflicted by the day’s exertions. You probably never think of it as applying heat therapy, but that’s what you’re essentially doing.

People have known for ages that heat is a great ally in the battle with pain. While rubber bottles filled with hot water did the job for a while, the arrival of electricity made heating pads extremely convenient. Nowadays, there is hardly a household without one. When people find the best electric heating pads for their needs, they tend to hold on and for a good reason. You could say they are the most cost-effective way of managing pain, not to mention they are highly portable and can accompany you to the office, on a business trip, or on your vacation.

Wondering why you should consider investing in a heating pad? Here are at least five issues it can help you deal with.

Back pain alleviation

Do you have any idea what a burden back pain is? If you or a member of your family suffers from it, you’ll know how unpleasant it can be. But it’s also a tremendous economic burden for nations: low back pain consistently ranks at the top as the leading cause of disability globally! It is also estimated that about 80% of the adult population gets afflicted at some point.

People typically associate back pain with old age, but that’s a widespread misconception. It can be the result of a sports injury, muscle strain, ruptured disks, or inflamed joints. Back pain has become even more of a problem with the modern way of life, which involves long hours at a desk and working on computers.

There’s really no cure for back pain so what people can do is manage it. Heat has long been known to help and having an electric heating pad at hand is most wise.

Help with neck and shoulder pain

Work or exercise can make neck and shoulder muscles stiff. Long hours at the desk typing on a computer can also leave a person with aches and pains in this area. Sometimes it’s just stress but the sensation is equally unpleasant. A heating pad will come to the rescue in this case as well.

Relief from hip and knee pain

Given the amount of work our legs do every day and the load they carry, their joints tend to wear faster and stiffness is common in the knees and hips. Muscle soreness is another problem in these areas of the body. A heating pad can prove very useful in easing the discomfort.

Aid with earaches

You’ve probably heard some people say few things are worse than an earache. It is particularly heart-breaking to see a child suffer. A heating pad may or may not eliminate the pain entirely, but it will certainly provide relief until a doctor can prescribe treatment.

Remedy for menstrual cramps

The ladies of a house will definitely find a heating pad indispensable when that time of the month comes. Why take a pill when there’s a natural way to deal with it? In fact, researchers have been conducting studies to determine how exactly heat helps with these cramps.

People are hardwired to gravitate towards warmth. In pre-historic times, fire kept them not only warm but also safe from wild animals. An electric heating pad may not be the pinnacle of human progress, but it’s certainly one of the most useful items to have around. It can serve young and old alike, simply keeping people warm and cozy on wintry days or helping them get rid of various pains and aches.