Eyelashes are the Window Dressing of Your Soul

Eyelashes are beautiful when you add extensions and enhancements like a full set of mink lashes for a special day.  While some might think that the added attention to the eyes is superfluous, after trying them, many women wonder why it took them so long to join in on the fun.  For those who are put off by the cost of the initial application and subsequent upkeep, there is a way to have the look for less.  Groupon coupons have been around for years now, and who doesn't remember the fun of opening the app each day to snag a deal for a local business.  #Groupondate was trending for a while because I personally used so many to enjoy nights out in my city and sent out so many glowing Tweets.  I loved experiencing new eateries for less and my dates were cool with the experience once they got over thinking it would diminish them in my eyes to use a coupon on a date.  I'd brandish my Groupon before they could hand me the menu.

But there was also the problem of missing out on deals if the clock ran out before you remembered to sign on and buy your Groupon.  There was nothing worse than planning a great date in your head only to discover you'd now have to pay full price for the experience.  

Now, things are better and easier with the introduction of online Groupons for local goods and services.  It's easy as 1,2,3.  1.  Search the category you desire.  2. Apply the coupon right from your smart phone. 3.  Enjoy the experience.  Right now there are deals in your neighborhood for discounts as much as 60% off a full set of lashes.  So if you've been hesitant to pay for a look you might not like, use a Groupon and get the deal for less.  And with so many salons offering deals, you can choose one nearby, or go across town to one you've always wanted to try.  Either way you're sure to get top notch service from licensed, professional technicians eager to make you look your best.  

A smile might be our most captivating feature, but beautiful eyes go even deeper.  Make sure yours are doing all they can to project the best characteristics of your soul.