Protect Your Smile: Foods To Eat Your Way To Whiter Teeth

Many people assume that the only way to achieve perfectly white teeth is to pay for expensive treatment. Due to the significant boom in teeth whitening and general dentistry services in recent years, it’s clear to see that many people are willing to pay the price for their perfect smile.

However, most people don’t actually realize that there’s an inexpensive, simple method of whitening your teeth without painful visits to your dental surgery: food. That’s right, there are numerous foods that contain natural teeth-whitening enzymes that assist with reducing teeth stains and increasing whiteness.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular teeth-whitening foods you can easily include into your daily diet, and achieve the shining smile you’ve always wanted!


Many people assume that fruit is automatically bad for teeth due to its high sugar content. Whilst that’s generally true for citrus fruits with high acidity, strawberries are a total game-changer.

Regardless of their bright red color, strawberries are bursting with an effective enzyme known as malic acid. This malic acid acts as a 100% natural astringent, and successfully removes discoloration from the surface of teeth. So, whether you eat them on their own or as part of a delicious dessert, strawberries are a tasty, natural way of promoting whiter teeth.


Yet another fruit to add to the list of teeth-whitening helpers, the crunch you hear when you bite into an apple shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s this crunch that helps strengthen your gums, and the chewing action of your teeth helps to dislodge any bacteria that may be discoloring your teeth. The high water volume of apples also increases production of saliva, providing even further mechanisms for unwanted bacteria and plaque to be washed away.


Definitely not a food most people think of when they want whiter teeth, cheese has significant benefits for not just whitening, but for overall oral health. Cheese contains lactic acid and is loaded with calcium; it’s the combination of these two components that help strengthen teeth as well as whitening them.


Teeth whitening properties certainly aren’t limited to just dairy products and fruit, with cauliflower being a prime example. White foods are notorious for increasing whiteness of teeth anyway (including rice and milk), but the vigorous chewing action associated with cauliflower is a sure-fire way to cleanse your teeth free of unsightly discoloration and bacteria.

Try these changes to your diet and give it some time. If after some weeks you are not happy with the results, you can always speed things along by using a safe home-whitening kit too. Click here to learn more about other tooth whitening techniques you can try at home.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy method you can combine with a home-whitening kit, or simply use on its own, to achieve your most sparkling smile yet, you’ve found your solution. Better still, all the above foods can be found in the majority of grocery stores, meaning you can begin incorporating them into your diet right away.

Jacob Hutchinson likes to lead a healthy lifestyle, clean eating, fresh air and time to relax are all very important parts of his life. He writes about looking after yourself, mostly through eating the right foods and shares his articles with a wide online audience.