Get Yourself Tested At the Ease of Your Home

Visiting a drug testing lab for a personal or official purpose can be a daunting task. All the procedures involved and the intense wait for the testing results, all of them can drive a person crazy. But with technological advancement, it is no more necessary to visit a drug testing lab compulsorily for certain tests. Many companies have come out with products that can provide testing facilities easily at home or at an institution without any hassle. All that is needed is to buy testing kits that are specifically designed to test the presence or absence of a drug in a person. Most of these drug tests easy to use and come with clear instructions.

Drug testing and methods:

It is nothing but the testing of human biological fluids for detecting the presence of unwanted substances. Many a time, such testing is necessary, particularly for athletes to detect steroid use; for the police to test convicts for substance abuse; for employers to screen their employees for any banned drug abuse. In each of these cases, it becomes cumbersome to go to a lab for testing and to wait for results. Hence drug testing kits are favoured for screening and are sourced in bulk. Even in the case of individuals willing to undergo drug tests, prefer to do so without going to labs. For such people, drug testing kits can be a boon.

Advantages of using At Home kits for testing:

There are several advantages of using At Home kits. Some of them are elaborated below.

  • Saving of cost: Lab tests are costly in many cases. Further, there is the cost of transportation to and fro the lab for testing and collecting the results respectively. But that can be avoided using At Home test kits as they cost low.
  • Fast results: These kits are designed to deliver the test results within minutes while lab tests can take hours or even days for delivering the results.
  • Private drug abuse analysis: perhaps the best advantage is that it provides privacy and there is no or very low chances of tampering with the results.

Types of testing kits:

Several biological fluids can be used for testing. But the two most commonly used fluids are the saliva and urine. Let us take a look at the testing procedures available.

  • Urine testing: It is based on the fact that, urine samples contain metabolites of drugs or traces of drug itself. Two common methods used are urine cups and dip testing. In the former, urine is collected in a specially designed, sterile, secure cup which shows the result of the test while in the latter a thin strip is dipped in the urine for results.
  • Saliva/oral testing: This is perhaps the easiest form of testing that delivers fast results. A swab is used to collect saliva and is put in a cube that is designed to show results of the presence of drugs. Breath analysers are used to detect consumption of alcohol by testing the breath of a person.