Looking for a reliable Meal Delivery Service? Go for Sun Basket Food Delivery Meals and say Hi to tasty food made in minutes!!


While homemade food is not only tasty and super healthy, some of us find ourselves constantly juggling to prepare a wholesome meal after a long tiring day at work. Though cooking is definitely not a rocket science, yet it takes patience and effort to be able to make a decent meal for oneself. This is where food box services can prove to be advantageous!

Be it bachelors, students or housewives, such meal delivery services like Sun Basket come with a set of instructions and ingredients to help you prepare your meal easily and hassle free at home. Whether you are bored of regular food or feeling lazy during the weekend, going in for food delivery services could be exciting. Though, there are number of such services available out there, they differ in terms of recipes, quality of ingredients, amount of packaging and pricing. Reviewing this, we break down handy information about Sun Basket Meals!

Sun Basket Delivery and Service

Just like any home delivery food service, Sun Basket lets you order kits online and in person via call. You tell them your order, your address and expect the packaging to reach your day within an hour! Though there is a limitation on the amount of distance they cover, yet the quality and packaging is simply worth all the money you end up paying.

Make sure to note the code numbers as that would be required while you place theorder and pay your bill on receiving the order. Be ready with credit or cash, so that you do not face any hassles while the deliveryperson arrives.

What about the taste?

Yes, when you are paying you would expect quality and taste! This is one parameter Sun Basket is not going to disappoint its customers. While the packaging is compact, the recipes are clearly designed to allow quickly and hassle free preparation. You definitely don’t have to be a master cook to make them!

In between the competition coming from similar food delivery services like Plated, Blue Apron, Sun Basket does incorporates some steps which outshines it from others! The ingredients are organic, fresh being absolutely non GMA produce. In addition, it also offers purely Vegan, gluten free and other dietary options for the health conscious people.

Preparation and Pricing

For shedding an amount of $75, you get to make three Sun Basket meals, i.e. cooking can continue with preparation sufficient enough for two people! For a family pack,you will have to pay $140, thereby breaking an average of $12 per person per meal which is fair enough. You get loads of non-veg options starting from tandoori chicken to fancy meat sandwiches through Sun Basket meals. The easily designed recipes can make even a beginner prepare a basic meal with little effort and guidance.

Food is perhaps one of those aspects that make human life worth living. Apart from being asole necessity to grow and live, you’re dietary requirements can vary significantly dependingupon your nature of work, age and other parameters. Regardless, Sun Basket offers quality food at economical pricing foe everyone who is looking out for hassle free quick food preparation without much load!