How can Chiropractors Treat Your Neck Pain?

Many people experience neck pains, stiffness, and discomfort. And many of those people go to chiropractors for help.

What causes neck pain? And how do chiropractors help treat it? We’ll answer those questions in this article. Read on!

What Causes Neck Pain?

Your cervical spine, or neck, supports the full weight of your head. It’s very flexible and strong. However, it’s also prone to injuries and pain.

Many things cause neck pains, including:

  • Bone spurs
  • Worn joints
  • Muscle strains
  • Injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pinched nerves

How Chiropractors Treat Neck Pain

Chiropractors are professionals who diagnose spinal, pelvic, and peripheral joint dysfunction and treat the cause of the problem.

These treatments include the treatment of neck pain.

Customers might have concerns about the safety of the treatment since we’re talking about a vital part of your body. But professionals like chiropractor Paul Gold use safety measures. They also do not perform any manipulation if it’s inappropriate for your body.

Chiropractic treatments for neck pains include:


Neck adjustments involve a gentle movement of your neck joint restricting your movements. They help alleviate tension and improve mobility in your spine.

This treatment is safe, but if you feel uncomfortable, there are other ways you can try.

Muscle Massage and Releases

Tight neck muscles are there to protect your neck. They’re there to prevent you from moving in a way that will cause more pain.

A chiropractor finds which muscle group tightened and performs muscle releases and soft tissue massage.


Neck stretches and exercises probably do not sound exciting when you can barely move your neck.

A good chiropractor can help you do these stretches and exercises. You can also combine them with specific treatments to stop the pain and keep it away.

When to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

But before you go and see a chiropractor, you should think first whether it’s the right choice.

If you experience the following symptoms, it’s probably the best idea to see a chiropractor.

  • Pain that gets worse in time
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Pain that goes away with medication but comes back without medication
  • Pain with tingling or electric pain going into the arm or fingers
  • Pains with headaches
  • Pain on both sides of your neck

When NOT to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Chiropractors have the training to execute treatments safely and properly. They evaluate the best treatment for neck pain and other types.

They also tell you when it’s better to see a different specialist. Some reasons not to see a chiropractor for neck pain include:

  • You feel pain or numbness down into your shoulder, arm, and/or leg. This condition might mean you have a spinal cord injury or a slipped disc. When this happens, you might require a neurologist or even a neurosurgeon. If the discomfort is severe, consider it an emergency.
  • Your neck pain comes with fever, headache, or vomiting. You may also find yourself wincing when you see light. This condition might mean you have meningitis, which is serious. It’s an infection of the membranes around your brain and spinal cord. If you suspect meningitis, consult a doctor immediately.

Consider, too, whether the neck pain is caused by other medical conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The muscle relaxants and other medications from your doctor might help more.

How Long Do Treatments Last

If you do get chiropractic treatments, the length of the plan depends on your situation. The more serious the cause of the pain, the longer the treatment will last.

The best way to know how long the treatments will be is to sit down and do thorough consultation.