How Impress Clear Aligners Work: Stages and Steps

It is common for everyone to want to have perfect, radiant teeth that catch the attention of others when we smile. To achieve this, we all want the transformation process to be as quick and discreet as possible. This can be achieved with Impress clear aligner treatments. 

One of the main concerns when deciding on a type of orthodontics is the aesthetic aspect during the treatment process. For this reason, many people opt for alternatives to braces. Comfort and duration of treatment are also very important factors when making this decision.

Therefore, in the following post, you will find out what orthodontics with clear aligners by Impress is, how long this popular treatment lasts and what are the phases to follow from the start of the treatment until it is completed.

What is orthodontics with clear aligners?

Clear aligners have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from other orthodontic methods.

Clear aligners are a relatively recently launched treatment that involves the fabrication of a custom-made transparent splint that wraps around the teeth to control the movement of the teeth into the correct position. As the splint is invisible, other people will not notice that you are wearing it. The splint is made of plastic materials and is changed approximately every one or two weeks, according to the indications of specialists. This treatment is removable, as mentioned above, so the patient can remove the aligners whenever they need to, for example, when eating. In addition, the treatment time is usually similar to that required with braces orthodontics. Another feature of Impress clear aligners is that your first visit to the clinic, before starting treatment, will be free and you will have support throughout your treatment 7 days a week through the Impress App.

How long does orthodontics with  clear aligners last?

Each patient is different and each treatment may vary depending on the case and the patient's oral problems. It is therefore advisable to make a no-obligation appointment with professional orthodontists to see and evaluate each individual case. This will help orthodontic professionals determine how long your treatment will take to achieve the desired results. 

There are patients who only need to wear aligners for 3 months and other patients who need 12 or 24 months.

Stages of Impress clear aligners

The Impress clear aligners treatment consists of 3 phases: pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment.

  • In the pre-treatment, an X-ray of the patient's mouth will be taken to ensure that the patient has the optimal conditions to begin treatment. A 3D SCAN is also used to get a full view of the patient's teeth and a video simulation of what the patient's smile will look like at the end of the treatment will be designed. This way you will be able to see the results you will obtain before undergoing treatment. During this visit, the dentist will also make sure that the patient is free of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. If the patient has any of these problems, they must be solved before starting the treatment.
  • During the treatment it is very important to follow the instructions and recommendations of the expert so that everything runs smoothly. At this stage, the aligners will be sent, the patient will be monitored with a dental app and will have to make visits to the clinic. In addition, the patient will have technical support 7 days a week, in case they have any doubts, queries or problems. During the treatment, the patient will change splints approximately every one or two weeks, which they will have to wear for a minimum of 22 hours a day.
  • In the last stage, post-treatment, it is essential that the patient continues to take care of his or her teeth. The patient must wear retainers at night to keep the teeth well aligned and must maintain good oral hygiene. 

After all that has been analysed, it can be concluded that the same results can be achieved as with traditional treatment, although other factors will vary, such as the time it takes to achieve them and the price of the treatment. 

Finally, for the treatment to be satisfactory, you must take it seriously and follow the professional's instructions.