How to Achieve a Flawless At-Home Manicure

A manicure is the easiest way to feel put together. If you have a manicure that can look perfect for weeks at a time you’ll feel unstoppable. Not everyone wants to spend the time and money to go to the salon once or twice (or three) times a month and at-home manicures notoriously do not last for very long. It seems like no matter what expensive top coat you pick out it doesn’t work the magic it claims to, and so many different ways of doing manicures such as acrylic or gel can be very difficult or costly. So what is one to do? The best solution to save time and money while also looking like you spent a lot of money sitting at the salon is nail dip powder. Keep reading to learn more about nail dip powder and how you can become your own nail tech at home.

What is nail dip powder?

Nail dip powder uses highly pigmented colored powder to create a manicure. You use an activating polish before dipping your nails into the powder (or putting the powder on your nails by dusting it on rather than dipping your nails directly into the powder). You can make your nails as thin or thick as you prefer, so you can do one or two layers or you can do several. The powder dries and hardens, creating a long-lasting manicure with bright, pigmented color. Dip powder can be used with or without tips to create longer nails, so you can have as natural (or not natural) a manicure as you like. Dip powder can have a matte or glossy top coat, you can do French tips or ombre nails, and it lasts for weeks. 

How should you prepare for an at-home dip application?

  1. One of the most important parts of applying dip at home is to be prepared! With the help of a dip nail kit you will have everything you need to have a long-lasting manicure. Once you get a dip powder nail kit, open everything up and prepare your area. Make sure the area is clean and your hands are washed and clean- one of the easiest ways to mess up dip powder is by not having clean nails for the powder to adhere to. As long as you have a tidy area to do your nails and wash and dry your nails thoroughly you are setting yourself up for success.
  2. Read through the instructional booklet! It’s not long and provides step by step instructions, but it’s always best to get everything set up to make the process as easy as possible. Once you have read through the instructions, have picked out what color you are going for today, and have everything you need set out, you are ready to start. 

What to expect

Be easy on yourself the first time you do your nails and take your time- no one was perfect their first time doing a new technique. Any nail tech will agree. Take your time and follow the instructions. When applying your activator polish take your time and make thin, even strokes. This will help the powder set evenly. If you mess up do not worry, you will be able to file and buff your nails to make sure your dip manicure is as even as possible. Once you’ve gotten the color exactly as you want it and you have your dip nails as thick as you desire them, you should wash your hands again before finishing with a top coat. This will further ensure that your nails are clean and even so they can last for a long time. And one mistake people often make is being too gentle when washing their hands- clean them thoroughly! You want to make sure you get any excess powder or any other debri off your nails so the top coat can set your manicure properly. Once you are done and you’ve completed the steps you will be able to enjoy your manicure for weeks- no UV light required! Make sure to tip yourself, you deserve it.

What Now?

Once you are fully comfortable applying dip powder you can start getting creative. Make sure not to pick or rip your powder off (raise your hand if you’ve tried the floss trick to remove your acrylics!) but instead use the dip powder removal found in your kit to take them off. This will ensure that your nail beds are happy and healthy and ready for your next manicure. Use tips if you want to try them, attempt an ombre, or just stock up on different colors! With everything available for the perfect at-home manicure, you get to express yourself exactly how you want to. You are your own manicurist!