Choosing Assisted Living Communities

When the time is right for you to choose a senior assisted living home for your loved one, because the time has arrived as it is no longer safe for them to be living alone in their home, or they need more help than the family can give.

Seniors who still live in their own homes are more likely to fall and have an accident that will end up in the hospital, than a senior who is living in a senior retirement home.

Falling is the leading cause of injury and death for seniors over the age of 65, and 10 percent of all falls end in death.

Senior Safty At Home

But the head injuries that are sustained are also a major problem, as it may not show in the statistics, but with a brain injury, your loved one will never be the same.

Brain injuries will hamper the quality of your loved ones' life, and it can be distressing for the whole family, as your loved one will be unable to perform any daily activities on their own.

Assisted living communities are designed with seniors in mind, and there are no trip hazards, unlike a residential home.

Dizziness can be a problem for seniors who are home alone and are taking their medications, dizziness is a cause fro falling, in assisted living homes, the medications are closely monitored, to avoid overmedicating.

Find the right assisted living home for your loved one

Different Assisted Living Homes

When you are looking to find a retirement home that can take care of your loved one, the process can be difficult, because how do you know if your loved one will be happy there?

It is an emotional decision to make, and it can be very difficult for many families to make it, but ultimately, when you loved one needs full-time care, or they are left alone in their home, it is better for them to be in an assisted living facility.

When you start to select a community, you can take virtual tours of the homes, look at the website, to see all of the activities that they offer, but the best way to really understand the community is to visit them.

Touring Assisted Living Communities

On your tour of the facility, look for how clean the entrance is, and is the home organized. Talk with some of the residents, ask them questions, and see if they are happy.

If you can visit during mealtime, you can see and take the food, also check out some of the activities that are being offered.

You need to feel that your loved one will be happy living in the community, all seniors want to remain in their homes, but unfortunately, that is not the best or safest option for them.

Memory Care Homes

Many assisted living home do offer memory care as part of their home, but it will depend if your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's and another type of dementia, as to what type of memory care home they will need.

Choosing the right assisted living home can be difficult, but you need to decide what you are looking for, does the facility need to be close to you?

What is your monthly budget for the assisted ling home? Most assisted living communities are private pay, meaning that you will have to pay for them out of pocket.

When you are choosing a senior care facility, take your time, and do your homework, not all assisted living homes are the same, and it is important to find the right home for your loved one.