Insurance Claims for Accidents in Public Places

When the worst happens to you in a public place, you may find yourself in pain, humiliation, fear, and anger all in the aftermath of an accident that occurs while you are away from home. Although it is impossible to truly prepare for a situation like this, as you will necessarily always be caught somewhat off guard by the very nature of an accident, it is possible to get justice in the form of monetary compensation via an accident claim.

Receiving Compensation for Circumstances Beyond Your Control

Provided that the accident was no fault of your own, but was due to the oversight, neglect, or simple ill coincidence of the management of a public location, you should have no trouble receiving a cheque to cover the costs of any medical bills that you incurred as a direct result of the accident. In serious circumstances, such as ones where you are put out of your employment commission as you are physically injured because of the accident, you may even be eligible for a lost earnings compensation. Inquire with your chosen claims specialist about these possibilities, and make sure that you ask for a quote or estimate of how much money payback you are entitled to before you make your claim. This will give you a rough idea of how much compensation you can reasonably expect to earn, and will aid you in paying any debt you have incurred as an after effect of the accident, balancing your financial accounts, and keeping track of the financial aspects of your claim case. 

A commonplace example of an incident that might occur in a public place is the classic slip and fall on a piece of wet pavement or slick floor that was without warning, caution, or label. In a case such as this, the matter is nearly finished as soon as it is started, provided that your case is well documented and you have medical proof of your injury after the accident. It is very clearly the fault of whoever the appropriate management of the property is, and you ought to be financially taken care of in a timely manner.

How to Make A Claim On Your Public Accident

The first steps to making a solid and worthwhile claim are completed long before you ever get around to making the claim itself directly to the insurance agent or claims specialist. The first steps consist of gathering evidence, collecting a comprehensive body of information and proof surrounding the situation, and ensuring that your case is as foolproof, accurate, and informative as possible under the circumstances. 

Since your accident occurred in a public place, one advantage that you may have is the possibility of the whole incident being recorded on CCTV video cameras, if you happened to be just outside of a shop or within a supermarket aisle, for example. You will want to check with the management of the location where you accident occurred to see first of all if they do have cameras that were recording at the time of the event, and second of all whether they are willing to share that footage with you in support of your case. Be aware that the designated management may, in fact, be legally obligated to share the video with you by the police. Therefore, if the authorities are not initially willing to share it, you may be able to use the law on your side to obtain the footage somehow. This will be critical to your case, as the video evidence may be your only witnesses unless you were fortunate enough to have documented proof of the details of your accident from any passers by or bystanders at the scene.