Revitalise your soul with a spa

There is no doubt that relaxation is good for the mind and the body. Effective relaxation reduces stress and promotes mental wellbeing. Given the links between psychological stress and physical health, wounds are slower to heal in those who are stressed than they are in more relaxed individuals, and immune response is compromised in people suffering from stress? It makes sense to pursue relaxation as an important aid to health.

There are many relaxation techniques, most of which can be used on a daily basis. Listening to music, meditation and yoga are all recommended and can be helpful. However, given that more and more people lead hectic, pressured lives, it can also be extremely helpful to make an additional, concerted effort to tackle stress and nurture one's own health on a regular basis, perhaps once or twice a year.


Taking a holiday is one way to do this, but is it enough? That depends on the nature of the holiday. Some holidays, particularly those that require a great deal of planning or maintain some of the day-to-day demands on the individual (such as child care, driving or cooking) can be quite stressful in themselves.

Spa breaks

There is a solution. Taking a spa break is an exercise in relaxation. For a start, its very nature means that the visitor is nurtured and cared for in an extremely comfortable environment, which are key elements in stress reduction. In good quality spas everything is taken care of, from the nutritional value of food to the efficacy of beauty treatments, so the visitor should not have to worry about a thing.

Many spa-goers are used to visiting venues in their home country, but there is now a noticeable trend for health-conscious travellers to visit a spa abroad. After all, a change is as good as a rest and may contribute to stress reduction. For those living in cooler, duller climes, a visit to somewhere warm, such as a spa in Dubai, can be both heavenly and healthful.

If this sounds indulgent, remember that many of the people who visit spas are absolutely key to the successful functioning of their home, their family, their workplace and/or a business or organisation(s). An increasing number of people juggle many roles and are therefore important to many systems. If a visit to an overseas spa helps one to return feeling brighter, refreshed, more motivated and revitalised (and it will!), then this will be reflected in performance at work and elsewhere.