Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

Before undergoing plastic surgery, people always wonder about whether the procedure is safe or not. Well, it is good to note that the practice is entirely safe. Nevertheless, the only issue entails the risks involved during any medical procedure. Various risks are always involved during the surgery and the recovery process. Before undergoing a plastic surgery in Orange County, you must always review the credentials of the physician accordingly. This is done to ascertain that they are carrying out their practice legally and whether they are qualified.

The Pre-Surgery Exam and Consultation Process

This is a process that entails a patient issuing information about their medical history. By perusing through the medical history of a patient, the physician can deploy the necessary measures to ascertain that the patient undergoes surgery successfully. The medical history of a patient comprises of the prescribed and non-prescribed medication that they have been using.

Additionally, the patient must also give some information about any allergies that they may possess. After that, the patient will undergo a physical examination that will ensure that the undiagnosed health conditions that they may be having are discovered. When a physician possesses all this information, they can guarantee a safe plastic surgery on their patients.

If you are going to undergo plastic surgery, then you must be aware that various conditions can bring about the risks of having a blood clot. Some of these conditions are:

  • Overweight.

  • The presence of disorders that affect the lungs, heart, and the nervous system.

  • The use of oral contraceptives.

  • Smoking tobacco-related products.

  • A medical history of cancer.

  • Having undergone a traumatic injury in the past.

  • Genetic issues that relate to blood clotting.

If you are suffering from any of the mentioned conditions above, you can still undergo plastic surgery. Nevertheless, the main issue is whether you have weighed the benefits and risks involved in experiencing such a medical procedure.

The Risk Analysis of Plastic Surgery

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has been conducting numerous surveys. In one of their recent polls, it was noted that in more than 400, plastic surgeries that were performed in the early 2000s, less than one percent of the patients succumbed to serious medical complications. If you were trying to gain some insight on liposuction in Orange County is safe, the statistics from such a reputable organization never lie.

Potential Risks during the Surgery and the Recovery Process

During a surgical procedure, people are infused with anesthesia. Some people may be allergic to such forms of medication. The amount of anesthesia administered during a medical procedure is dependent on the type of surgery being performed. When plastic surgery is being delivered, the patient is induced by general anesthesia.

Some complications can be brought about by anesthesia such as blood clots, heart attacks, brain damage, stroke, nerve damage, temporary paralysis, and obstructed airways.

It is evident that plastic surgeries are safe. Nevertheless, there are some risks involved as mentioned above. Some of these risks are determined by a patient's medical history.