Sinus Pain: Four Creative Ways To Help Relieve It

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It can be difficult to explain the way that chronic sinus issues damage your life.

Most people can sympathize with the idea of feeling bunged up. We all go through it with the annual winter cold. They can acknowledge how uncomfortable it is, the way that it damages your ability to speak properly. They may even recognize the idea that with less of a sense of smell, food doesn't taste as good as it normally should either.

What non-sufferers cannot understand is how draining it is to be constantly in a state of mild to moderate pain. To feel that the front of your face is swollen and bloated, even though you know - because you often check - that it isn't. They can't understand a loss of taste that is beginning to feel less and less temporary by the day.

When sinus pain becomes chronic, it's time to take action.

You Need More Moisture

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Don't worry; this isn't another one of those tips that is just going to emphasize to "drink more water" - though that's never not useful. The drier the air that you breathe is, the more, it will irritate your sinuses.

A humidifier can make the difference between and standard day, and one spent counting down to the next time you can have pain medication. Modern devices are quiet and unobtrusive, and you can move them from office to home with little effort.

Inventive Ideas

One of the major causes of these issues is narrow sinuses, either due to response to an infection or just a biological quirk. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can widen - and thus lessen the damaging effects - the passages. While surgery is an option, it's a risky one, so look for a less intrusive treatment from sources such as

While many ideas for treatment will be about relieving symptoms, the above could offer an actual cure.

Nasal Irrigation

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Okay, so forgive us, that's not an attractive prospect- but it might just work.

Nasal irrigation has been being used for centuries. If something manages to stick around for that long, it might just have a point. The process is simple. You run a stream of treated water - normal tap water will burn, so use specialist concoctions - through one nostril and let it exit the other. It's a messy, wet experience, but as you rush the water through, it collects up any debris and clears the way. For an extra soothing boost, have the water be warm (but never boiling). This can help relax an aggravated area.

Neti Pots are the most recognized form of irrigation, but you don't have to use a branded plastic bottle for it to work. And to reinforce an important point, ensure you never use normal tap water. Always choose especially-manufactured mixtures, which can be bought separately.  We'll know if you do: we'll hear you screaming in pain for miles around.


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If the idea of nasal irrigation is a bit too up close and personal for you, you can find some temporary relief with steam inhalation. Add a little eucalyptus essential oil for an extra boost.

Whether it be a temporary fix to get you through the day or a more permanent change, sinus problems can soon be a thing of the past.