The Perfect Guide that Every Pilate Newbie Should Follow

When you do something for the first time, it will always be intimidating, and this is same in the case of choosing new fitness training such as Pilates. Maybe you desired to go for Pilates classes, yet something held you back. If so, this is an opportune moment to sign up. Pilates classes will offer your body with a plethora of perks irrespective of the fitness background. This will help you to improve posture, concentrate on bodily alignment as well as getting one heck of that core workout. Be it the machine or the mat you are sure to snag similar perks.

Tips to Consider

Below are some pointers which if followed sincerely will help you in enjoying your Pilates training at its best. These include,

  • Get Familiar with the Different Types of Classes- First and foremost Pilates classes are of two types namely reformer classes and mat classes. In a mat class, a standard yoga mat will be used to cushion the pressure points and, in the reformer, class a machine will be used which is known as the reformer. This is basically a sliding platform that has pulleys, springs and stationary foot bar which offer resistance to tone the body. So, prior to committing to the workout know which you are enrolling for. The focus in both the classes is on control. The reformer class will be a little more fun because the machines will provide you with a sliding surface and added resistance which challenges your workout and give you the feeling that you are gliding or flying. Regardless of the class, you pick ensure to inform the instructor that you are a newbie or beginner.
  • Do Not Fret- Though there are no high-intensity exercises involved here such as lifting heavy dumbbells or squat jumps, the bodyweight routines which are offered by Pilates classes may be quite intense. For instance, in the case of Pilates Hundred which involves a core-focused move will make the abs burn. The right trainer will provide you modifications that will help you in performing every move with good form. You may also experience muscle soreness, but there is nothing to fret as you will get accustomed to it with time.
  • Put on Formfitting Clothes- When you enrol on a Pilates class ensure to put on body-hugging clothes. This will allow the instructor to check your movements better while the clothes will not get caught in any equipment. Pilates will include a lot of exercises where you need to lie down while the legs are moving above you. Here it is best to avoid wearing shorts but wearing leggings or capris with a long-sleeved shirt that is fitted or a tank top will be a good choice. When it comes to footwear, wear socks or remain barefoot as per your choice. In case you wear socks get those where the soles have rubber detailing as this way you will not slip on the machine or mat.

Most importantly every studio uses different lingo in class so it is best to look for regulars and last but not the least be a part of a fitness plan that is well-rounded.