What are the Benefits of a Medical Arts Patient Portal?

Medical Arts patient portals were developed to improve how patients and healthcare providers interact with each other. Mainly, patient portals give you the patient access to your health information so that you can take a more active role. No matter the type of patient portal platform that your doctor's office is using, the patient portal can provide you with secure online access to your medical details and increases your engagement with your doctor.

Medical Arts patient portals can also help patients understand procedures that are new or not widely talked about, such as PRP Injection MD. There are various benefits to utilizing a Medical Arts Patient Portal. Read on to learn about these important benefits. 

Secure Email Between the Medical Office and Patient

Patients are also able to keep in touch more easily with their providers. They don't have to wait to obtain their lab results over the phone or by letter. Instead, they log into the patient portal to receive the information they need. Patients can exchange messages with their doctor's office at any time. The patient portal can save time for the facility staff, especially since the information appears in real-time. Patient portals can be used to send out automated patient reminders for any upcoming appointments, which helps to reduce no-shows, allowing your physician to treat more patients daily.

Patients Management

You can request prescription refills through the portal. Patient portals can assist patients with updating their insurance information and viewing their benefits. Supplying patient-specific educational resources, clinical summaries, including access to personal health information, are all components of Meaningful Use through the patient portal. Patients can make payments to their doctor's office. They can view their visit notes. They can also create and check on upcoming office appointments as well as request referrals. The portal also assists in updating patient contact information. The Medical Arts patient portal can even show patients their care plan details.

Patients can easily review and identify mistakes in their medical records and, if found, email their doctor advising of the discrepancy or bring at their doctor's appointment.

Doctors and patients can share forms or other relevant documents through the portal. Both doctors and their patients can access the portal using their smartphones or tablets when not by a computer. More importantly, patient portals can also deepen patient loyalty. The continuous relationship and communication that occurs outside of appointments encourage patients to feel cared for and to remain loyal to their doctor. Patients immensely benefit from the easy access to information and direct contact that comes with portal use.

Patient Portals Can Be Customized And Assist With HIPAA Compliance

Medical Arts Patient Portals can be tailored to be user-friendly to fit the specific needs of a doctor’s office. Portals also help with improving and streamlining the productivity of the medical office. Most importantly, patient portals will allow medical offices to become HIPAA compliant because of helping to manage sensitive patient data.

Patients as Health Advocates

When a patient has access to their health information and the decisions their doctors are making, they ultimately feel like a partner in care rather than merely recipients of care. Patients will also be able to print or download portions of their charts to take with them to other providers participating in their care, thus reducing the amount of paperwork their doctors may need to fill out.

Medical Office Optimization

Tasks that a patient would need assistance from staff are done electronically. When a patient has patient portal access, the doctor's office is mostly liberated from assisting the patient to schedule appointments, prescription refills, and reply to questions. Not to mention communicating with patients on their lab results while easily replying and taking a message for physicians. The time these use to be used on these types of tasks can be elsewhere.

Encourages A Better Patient And Provider Relationship

In closing, when you have a Medical Arts patient portal account it can help to eliminate the amount of paper waste a doctor’s practice can and may produce. Documents, letters, and doctor's orders previously mailed to patients can be sent quickly and conveniently through the portal account. Inevitably, Patient portals will continue growing in popularity as patients change into healthcare consumers.

Progressively, they want greater and quicker access to their medical records and information, as well as the opportunity to take an active role in the decision-making process for their health. Medical Arts patient portals are a natural continuation of the trend to go online to select a provider, schedule office visits and preferentially research medical issues and treatments that are available to them. Patients want a positive user experience from their doctor’s office. If experience is positive, patients will reward a doctor with their loyalty.