What is erectile dysfunction, and how does it manifest and can a Urologist help treat it?

Erectile dysfunction is a severe medical problem that affects countless men throughout the world, even in USA cities like West Palm Beach. The psychological scarring is not to be underestimated. The embarrassment and shame of erectile dysfunction reflect in their every action in society. However, there's no need to live with such a condition for the rest of your life. A urologist in West Palm Beach can find an efficient solution for you. Despite being called irreversible erectile dysfunction, the urologist can still save your masculinity and dignity as a man.

If nothing else works, the urologist recommends a penile prosthesis implant. This is a relatively recent medical achievement regarding erectile dysfunction treatments. The user receives a new lease on an extraordinary sex life, and if properly taken care of, the prosthesis can last indefinitely. Depending on the actual implant, you may need occasional check-ins at the urologist for an assessment. You can book Dr Gousse online to make an appointment at his West Palm Beach urologic clinic.

What is erectile dysfunction, and how does it manifest?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition where the patient can’t have an erection by natural means. While he may be sexually aroused, this does no longer promote any healthy erection on his part. There are many reasons why erectile dysfunction occurs, some of which are:

  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Old age

Old age is one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction due to the body's inefficient blood circulation. As we grow older, our bodies stop working as efficiently. This includes blood flow. Because the penis is a muscle that needs constant blood flow to work at its peak, when the blood circulation becomes inefficient, erectile dysfunction happens. This process can be prevented through various things like physical activity, healthy nutrition, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

However, if erectile dysfunction does occur, it’s almost impossible to revert through natural means. It can only be treated and eliminate the symptoms for it. Your urologist may recommend medication, physical exercise, a healthy nutrition plan, and more. Lastly, the urologist may recommend surgery as a last resort. By implanting a bendable plastic rod into the penis, it becomes malleable and can be fixed in the desired position.

Can a urologist treat your erectile dysfunction?

You can contact this urologist in West Palm Beach that has all the means available to treat your erectile dysfunction. Depending on the illness's severity, the doctor could tell you to follow a strict nutritional plan and undergo physical activity. This should rejuvenate your blood circulation and other bodily functions needed for a healthy erection. When this doesn't work, you can choose to undergo surgery to obtain a penile prosthesis implant. This is the last resort a urologist can offer.

While you won’t achieve a natural erection ever again, you’ll still be able to recover your sexual activities unperturbed. When you want to have sexual intercourse, simply handle the prosthesis and place it in the desired position. When the sexual intercourse is over, put the prosthesis back into its place. The one disadvantage to this particular prosthesis implant (via bendable plastic rod) is that your penis will always be in an erect state.

The second implant method relies on the insertion of a hydraulic, inflatable prosthesis implant that you can conceal easily once you no longer desire an erection. When you want to achieve an erection, you press on the pump, which sends fluid into a reservoir underneath your groin muscles. The liquid passes through special tubing inserted into your penis from the reservoir, which creates the impression of a natural erection. After the deed is done, press a deflation valve to drain the liquid from the tubing back into the reservoir!