Where to Buy Bacteriostatic Water

BT water, as some people call it, stands for bacteriostatic liquid and is the preferred liquid for use in injection medicine. They are the ideal type to use for syringes and drips, where the fluid has to be without contaminants. And unless you can identify them without help, you need to buy your bacteriostatic water from the right sources. Not entirely sure where the right sources are, you can find useful tips in the section below. 

Why do you Need Bacteriostatic Water?

Most BT water is sold for use in injections, but there is also the chance it could serve other purposes in the hospital. But shopping for the right BT liquid, you indeed have to consider the purpose you intend using it. It is mandatory to always seek medical counsel before using any medication, and the same goes for bacteriostatic liquid. You can check here for more on its benefits. 

Key Information About Bacteriostatic Water 

You already know that it is also referred to as BT liquid, and it is used in injections, but some other information you want to consider include. 

  • BT fluid's main ingredients are a 0.9% benzyl alcohol preparation, usually a mixture of fruits and plants, making it an entirely safe natural solution. 
  • The liquid used is a sterile and filtered liquid that must contain no additives. It requires a special procedure to prepare the solution to keep the fluid pure for use. 
  • BT liquid aims to prevent the growth of bacteria in the body and not to kill it entirely. It stops the further replication of the cells, making it easy for the follow-up treatment to be quick. 
  • It requires a unique method to dissolve meds in BT fluids. First off, you will have to keep the environment sterile and avoid direct contact with any of the ingredients and apparatus. It's best to buy your supplies than having to go through the stress of parenteral preparation. 
  • Each manufacturing procedure is different, and this will influence how you use it. So keep watch on the labels for directions on that. 
  • Using bacteriostatic water in injection therapy does not affect the fluid count of the body. And you should also know that it doesn't replace the need to observe regular hydration throughout the day. 

What are the Possible Side Effects of Bacteriostatic Water? 

You should also be aware that it is possible to suffer side effects from BT fluid, especially if you get a bad batch. This is why getting your supply from legit outlets is a must. And as earlier advised, it is best to start by checking with your physician when in need of injection liquid. 

Another aspect of BT water that can put the user at risk is in its administration. The use of syringes and other injectable is reserved for trained experts. If you are in the habit of using needles on yourself or others without having the right training, you could also suffer complications. These could be in the form of local tenderness, swelling, and pains at the injection site. 

How to Buy Bacteriostatic Water?

It is crucial that you get the ideal liquid. Mixing up your meds could affect your treatment, even worsening your condition. So have your physician write you a prescription that would make it easier for the pharmacist to provide you the right supplies. Some of the things you have to focus on include:

·        Dosage 

Parenteral solutions are prepared with dosing in mL. There is a belief that most adults can handle up to 0.30 mL without suffering any side effects, but other factors help determine how much to use, such as body weight, nature of the ailment, and the type of preparation. 

·        Online Purchase 

You can find bacteriostatic water for sale online, and it is equally crucial that you get a quality option. Check with medical dispensaries and see if they have for sale. Websites like offer some best prices and discounts so you can check them out. Online pharmacies can also be a good way for you to get access to well-packaged BT water. 

Final Note 

Bacteriostatic water is produced to be used for once after getting the syringe through the plastic lid. The content would lose potency immediately it comes in contact with air, so having it sealed is important until after use. Check with a licensed medical professional first before using any medication.