Why Kayaking Makes for Great Exercise

When looking for a new exercise regimen, many people think their only options are available inside of a gym. If you are looking for something a little out side the box, however, you may consider a different kind of exercise such as kayaking. Kayaking is not only great for your body and health but its fun too! Here are some reasons why kayaking makes for great exercise!

  1. Resistance of the water allows kayakers to develop some impressive upper body strength. When you paddle in the water, the water acts as resistance. This helps to tone muscles, increase overall strength and more. You will be able engage and work every muscle in your upper body each time you paddle. In addition, lower muscles are also activated. Each mile you kayak includes at least 500 strokes, so you will definitely receive numerous fitness benefits especially in your upper body.
  2. Kayaking also develops core strength and balance. Staying in the boat requires balance, and will constantly require you to engage your core muscles of the torso to stay active and to paddle most efficiently.
  3. Burn calories. Most kayakers burn about 400 calories per hour in the boat! The number of calories burned per hour develops on your distance and intensity levels, but clearly it is a calorie torching workout! Most kayakers stay on the water for at least 4 hours which ends up burning over 1600 calories total for an average pace.
  4. Kayaking can help to reduce stress. Stress can often throw your hormones out of balance and it can even lead to weight gain or weight, water and or fat retention. Kayaking out on the open water can help you to enjoy the great outdoors and find a sense of peace and calm to stabilize your body and promote a happier lifestyle.
  5. Finally, kayaking is an activity that will last you a life tin. No matter your age, weight, or physical abilities, you can make kayaking as challenging or as simple and relaxing as you want or need. You can adjust your workout depending on your abilities or comfort levels and so it is something you can do even into old age. This can provide you with a lifetime of health benefits for many years.

The best exercise is the kind that doesn’t feel like a workout! You will have so much fun kayaking, that you likely won’t even notice how hard you’re working. This can help to lee you motivated and excited about staying fit and moving your home. Kayaking is not only fun– it can also do wonders for your body. You can work towards reducing your stress levels, develop serious upper body strength, core power, balance and more all while burning calories and losing weight! If you are looking for a new, exciting way to change up your dull, boring exercise options, kayaking may be for you. Kayaking benefits are numerous. You can buy your own kayak or even rent from a shop like Malibu Kayaks to help you get started on a path toward health, fun, and relaxation.