Why Online Cycling Is Here to Stay in 2022

Online cycling is the latest trend in 2022 and it is here to stay. There are a lot of people across the world who want to explore places, but can’t do it because of various reasons. After the pandemic, this statement makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? Not just that, but the hectic work culture has pushed people into a confined life with their family and friends. But, their sense of exploration is longing to expand their views.

With no other way to get out, people are seeking new ways to explore the world. One such way is using the Vingo app. Vingo is a virtual world where you can get fit the fun way and also explore different locations as you go. If you are looking for ways to go on adventures, give it a try. Here are some features that will help you decide about it.

Go Online and Cycle around the world

All you need to do is install Vingo on your smart device and connect it with your exercise bike. The app is compatible with any model and it easily connects with them through Bluetooth. The app also has ANT+ sensors in it, which allows for a seamless experience while you ride on your bike.

You can select from a range of locations on the app and go on trekking rides with your family and friends. You can invite them to join you on your adventures and take them out on a virtual picnic too, if you want to. With Vingo, Indoor cycling will turn into a daily adventure with your family.

Personalisation of Your Avatar

The Vingo app is enabled with a smart AI that tracks and monitors your movements in real time. That is not all, the AI can also generate your own avatar on the app. Just upload your selfie on the app and it will do the rest. You can also personalise your avatar by adding cool outfits, work-out gear, equipment like stylish new bikes, and even your pets.

You will never feel like you are in your home, pedalling on your bike. You will go on an adventure every morning and that adventure is entirely yours.

Meet People From Varied Locations & Backgrounds

On the app, you can connect with riders of all fitness levels. It is an inclusive space for everyone, whether you’re new to cycling or an athlete looking for a new way to train, you can have your own personal space. Also, if you are planning on expanding your circle, you can find people and interact with them on this Indoor cycling app. The voice chat feature will help you to talk to people who ride along you and the communities feature will help you become part of a larger group.

There are a lot more features inside the app and the only way for you to find out all of them is for you to become part of it. Join Vingo today & get free membership for a year.