10 Pointers to Consider While Choosing an Orthopaedic Specialist

Due to the rising stress in the current day lifestyle, poor food habits and lack of physical activity and exercise, the majority of the people complain of some form of orthopaedic ailments associated to the spine, knee, hip or neck. And as a result, they need to consult an orthopaedic for relief. Today orthopaedic specialists are available in plenty, but unfortunately, not all are experienced or can be trusted. As it is about your health, you cannot afford to take chances here. 

Tips to Consider

Prior to consulting an Orthopaedic make it a point to consider these factors in order to make the best choice,

  • Check the Credentials- First and foremost, check the credentials of the surgeon such as his/her experience, educational background, medical degree, training and skills.
  • Ask for Recommendations- Take the help of your physician, family or friends and ask them for recommendations on the best orthopaedic surgeon. This will help you to choose from a list of reliable and specialised surgeons.
  • Skill- Check the surgeon's skills by checking the total successful surgeries that he/she has performed in the last couple of years. Also, ask the surgeon as to how they handle a complicated case. Dr Looi Kok Poh, for instance, is a highly skilled Orthopaedic surgeon and consulting such skilled surgeons will help you a great deal.
  • Consultation- After shortlisting some surgeons book a consultation with them for discussing your issues as this way you can pick the best amid them.
  • Take a Second Opinion- In case of surgery taking a second opinion will be a good choice. This will help you in undergoing your surgery by the best surgeon.
  • Location- Always try to find a surgeon nearby as you may have to visit him/her now and then. This will help you in reducing the travel burden. An Orthopaedic clinic that is easily accessible will be a good choice.
  • Back-up Services- Always ask for an emergency plan. No matter how routine the surgery may be, risks are always there, and irrespective of the right preparations chances of something going wrong is possible. So, ask beforehand how your doctor will handle if any such emergency arise. Although such emergencies are rare but being prepared is always better.
  • Communication Style- The work of an orthopaedic surgeon is complex, and so he may find it difficult in explaining the procedure in a manner in which you can understand it easily. Besides due to their hectic schedule they may not be capable of devoting enough time to making you feel at ease when it comes to the procedure that they follow. So, based on your need to book an appointment with the surgeon to clear all your doubts. Always choose a surgeon with whom you feel at ease. They should be capable of addressing all the apprehensions and repeat it until you have a thorough understanding.
  • Consider Gender- For your personal comfort, you can consider the gender. You need to discuss everything about your health and the problems that you are facing openly with the doctor. So, you can choose a surgeon as per your gender requirement.
  • Assess Your Goals- What will be the goal of your surgery? It should reduce your pain, increase the quality of life, provide you with greater flexibility, improve the athletic performance or help you in getting back to your normal life or work. Knowing your goals will work wonders in helping you to select the best surgeon. The moment you meet them, discuss your goals with them. If they agree to fulfil your goals, you will feel confident that you made the right choice.

Next time, you need to consult an Orthopaedic surgeon keep these points in mind.