Say goodbye to flat feet pain with custom orthotics for flat feet

Have you ever taken a thoughtful look at your feet? Does the right one look like the mirror image of the left? That is quite impossible and when two of your feet don’t look similar, how can you expect everyone's feet to look the same. Apart from the lengths of the toes, some aspects can vary. The arch of the foot is one such feature. Most of the times, we are oblivious to the presence or absence of this arch.

Do you have flat feet?

One way to be sure that you have the foot arch is to wet your feet and stand on solid dry ground that can show the prints. If you can see only the tips of your toes, balls of your feet and part of the heel, then you have a prominent arch. In case the wet impression replicates the underside of the feet entirely, you need to think of the possibility of flat feet. A parent or a relative with flat foot increases the chances of inheriting the condition. Other than genetics, diseases, injuries and congenital disabilities can also lead to this condition.

Why should you worry about a flat foot?

It is common knowledge that people with arched foot are better at running, gymnastics, balancing sports and ballet. Other than these, flat foot often brings more chances of injury during daily activities. Shin splints, hammertoe, bunions and plantar fasciitis are some more serious conditions that can arise from flat feet. They misalign the center of gravity while you walk and run. Flat feet can cause whole body pain from the improper exertion of pressure on the muscles and joints.

How to flat feet orthotics work?

Even the best flat feet orthotics cannot magically transform flat feet to arched feet, but they can provide you with the comfort you have been craving for so long. The extra cushioning of the insole can give support to those dealing with discomfort every day. The localized cushioning, unique arched design and exclusive pressure exertion can add an extra layer of stability to those who have never experienced it before.

How are arch boosters different from shoe insoles?

We are sure, you have tried soft shoes and cushioned shoes, but they have made little to no difference in your discomfort. With the presence of enhanced arches and pronounced cushioning at specific points, these insoles can turn any fashionable ballerina or a trendy pair of oxfords to the luxurious bed your feet have always deserved. It is a brilliant option for those, who have a severe flat foot. The boosters along with the insoles provided added comfort and support to the ball of the foot and the heel.

Flat feet Orthotic insoles are external measures that can change the way you explore the world. However, they are temporary, and you need to commit to a few exercises that can help with feet and body realignment. Heel raises, calf stretching, feet rolling (on a golf ball) and toe raises can strengthen your feet and calf muscles. Light workout like these will keep your legs strong enough to bear the strain of misalignment once in a while when you feel like stepping out insole-free.