The Ins and Outs of Heroin Addiction That You Need Know

Heroin – which is both deadly and dangerous is widely used. The drug originated from the opium poppy flower that grows in South America, Asia, and Mexico. Heroin is incredibly addictive drug and has as a brown or white powdery appearance or at times looks like black tar. Heroin is also known as brown sugar, junk, smack, and horse.

Heroin- How is it Used?

Regardless of how heroin enters a person’s system, it quickly gets into the brain, and one can get addicted to it quickly. Just taking the drug 1 or 2 times can make it difficult to stop one from using it again. People snort or smoke it, yet most people inject heroin into their veins for getting an instant high. That is a highly dangerous method of taking it. A person can easily overdose on it and can get infected through dirty needles.

The Feel People Get After Taking Heroin

The moment one takes heroin they experience a rush of happiness and good feelings. Then for a couple of hours, the user will feel that the world is slowing down. They may walk slowly and think slowly; some can feel they are in a dream. In fact, in a study, some users of heroin described their feelings as covered in a blanket where there are no worries. Heroin can result in nausea and vomiting and also cause itching. The drug blocks the ability of a person from receiving pain messages and slows both their breath and heart rate. In case of overdose, the user may stop breathing and finally die. Often people use heroin for treating their worries, anxiety and other stressors. The same study discovered that 75% of people who tried heroin had mental health problems like bipolar disorder, ADHD or depression.

The Use of Heroin has Doubled- Know More

Between the years 2007 to 2012, the intake of heroin doubled. Drug experts stated that the reason behind its growing use is the abuse of prescription painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin. These painkillers are made from poppy plants. Those who misuse it may be on the lookout for something cheaper, strong and that gives a high. Heroin is both, yet more dangerous. This drug can be easy to get compared to other prescription painkillers. For meeting the rising demand, the drug traffickers automatically have increased production which ultimately increased the amount of drug smuggled.

Heroin- the Effects

People who take heroin often build a tolerance for the same, but this does not mean it is sans side effects. It means one requires taking it in more quantities for getting the same high. In this way their body begins to depend on the drug. The moment one tries to quit heroin, they will experience muscle and bone pain, vomit, chills, feel jittery and other withdrawal symptoms. This drug can result in,

  • Miscarriage
  • Lung diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia
  • High chance of acquiring Hepatitis B/C, AIDS or HIV
  • Skin infections such as cellulitis and abscesses
  • Infection in the valves and the heart lining
  • Collapsed veins

Heroin Detox

The symptoms of withdrawing heroin can start somewhere between 5-10 hours of taking the last dosage. Generally, the symptoms will be at its highest on the 3rd or 4th day. The withdrawal process in every individual varies depending on the usage time and the amount taken. The difficulty that heroin addicts face during withdrawal is that the cravings and the pain is difficult to tolerate.

Often there is a misconception that rehabilitation and detoxification are the same things, but it is not so. Detoxification or the method to get rid of heroin indeed is a primary step in rehabilitation if a person goes through detox rather than rehab, may relapse. Typically, the treatment will include different stages of therapy such as detox, talk therapy, medication and job support which are all vital tools for helping the person fight against heroin addiction.

For any addict, it is necessary to detoxify and undergo rehab provided they genuinely desire in recovering from heroin dependence. Recovery is possible with the right treatment followed by the proper support. When a person has the right treatment and the right support system, it can help in reversing heroin's hijacking effects on the brain and help them to live a sober and clean life. Heroin is highly addictive, but help is available within reach for people struggling with it.

The Power of Sedation

Sedatives are an effective and safe drug detox method for people highly addicted to heroin. It will help in calming or tranquilizing excitement or nervousness. The conventional means of detoxing patients addicted to drugs such as heroin include the MAT (medication-assisted treatment) or MMT (methadone medication treatment) programs. It will sedate the patient and remove the drug present in the brain receptor when he/she is sleeping. The medication will help in controlling the addiction and help them get back to healthy life. If you are looking for Rapid Heroin Detox Under Sedation, then methadone can be a great choice.

Benefits Galore

If a person addicted to heroin takes the help of MMT programs he/she can benefit in different ways namely,

  • It alleviates the withdrawal symptom. The cravings will reduce the moment methadone reaches the blood.
  • It acts longer.
  • It is a medically safe treatment.
  • It is a cost-effective treatment.
  • MMT will help to improve mental and physical health, quality of life, social functioning and retention in the treatment programs. Once the user on methadone he/she will start to sleep, exercise, eat and look after themselves better.
  • It works very well, and the user will not feel any desire or need for using other opiates.
  • There is no needle sharing involved here, so the odds of contracting hepatitis, HIV or any other disease related to IV drug use is zero.
  • The user will not need to break the law which means there is no fear of jail, arrest or prosecution.
  • It will offer a long-lasting relief and will help in rebuilding their life.
  • Pregnant heroin addicts, as well as their kids, will perform better on Methadone.
  • People are less likely to die while on Methadone

So, next time you look for a treatment for a person addicted to heroin educate him or her about MMT programs and help save their life.