10 things to know before your first Gynecologist Appointment.

1. Without fear of the gynecologist - these tips help!

Granted - we can imagine better than having to sit on a Monday morning in the waiting room of our gynecologist. To sit in the outdoor pool for example. Or in a cafe. But sometimes he has to be - the appointment with the doctor.

We tell you what the gynecologist expects from you. What to do, what to leave?

2. "Do not shave yourself before the appointment!"

Stubble is embarrassing - whether on a date or at the gynecologist. Actually, crazy! The OB gynecologist does not care if you 're shaved or not. He sees a hundred naked women every week because he does not care how you look down, but how you feel.

3. "If you have problems, say so - immediately!"

Would you rather stay silent instead of blabbering? Nothing there! You should be honest with your OB gynecologist. Finally, he is there to help you. A little tip: Tell him right at the beginning of your appointment where the shoe presses. That's the only way he can adequately address your concerns.

4. "Take your time!"

Just get out of here - you know the thought?. Small consolation: you are not alone. And yet you should plan a little more time for your next appointment with the gynecologist. Even if the actual examination only takes a few minutes, a good gynecologist is also interested in her possible complaints and her well-being.

5. "Wear comfortable clothes!"

From the office, into the car and off to the gynecologist. Not a good idea - unless you are allowed to wear jeans and a T-shirt in your job. For everyone else: move before the appointment again. Nothing is more annoying if you spend half of your appointment in the locker room of the hospital

6." Are you afraid? Then tell us about it!"

Nobody likes to go to the doctor. And certainly not to the gynecologist. But that's why the nights are beating around the ears? It's better to talk openly with your gynecologist. You are not alone with your anxiety, and your doctor knows exactly how to deal with your anxiety. Be honest. Only then can he make the upcoming examinations as pleasant as possible for you.

7. "Do not make your appointment on the day your period is strongest!"

First of all, the right time for an appointment with the gynecologist does not exist. It does not matter if you are in the middle of your cycle or at the end. You should only make sure that you do not agree on your next appointment on the day you bleed the most.

8. "Perfume belongs to the neck and not to your vagina!"

Of course - you want to make it as pleasant as possible for your gynecologist. But if you wrap your vagina in a cloud of perfume, do neither yourself nor him a favor. Also dangerous: hours of showering sessions. Why? Because that's how you destroy your natural vaginal flora. 

9. "Go to the bathroom again!"

Go to the toilet again before your appointment. Nothing is more unpleasant than the feeling of having to go to the bathroom.

10. "You do not have to apologize for anything!"

Are you ashamed of your unshaven legs, your pink underpants, and your stocky legs? Nothing there! You do not have to be ashamed of anything of your appearance. And certainly not apologize for anything. Keep reminding yourself that your gynecologist sees naked women all day long. And damn it, its job to help you - no matter how tall, thin or old you are. We got the best ob-gyn in advanced gynecology.