Beyond Raw LIT – A Look at Workout Supplements

If there is one activity that makes a huge demand on the human body, then intense workouts qualify to be this one activity. As the muscles contract and expand multiple times, ripping many times in the process, the body works tremendously. First it works to supply the energy required to carry out these intense activities then, it also works hard to repair torn muscles, restoring the body to a performance ready shape.

How does the body achieve all of these? It uses nutrients that are available in the body at the time.

In this article, we will be looking at the issue of supplements and why they are important for these intense workout sessions. We will also focus on one particular product with a view to discovering what it offers and how it can be of benefit to athletes and gym buffs.

Let’s get right to it.

Why Athletes Need Supplements

In our introduction in this article, we mentioned how that intense workouts or activities make certain demands of the body. Every human activity actually makes demands of the body. As seen here, the body meets these demands by supplying required nutrients to provide any of the following: growth, repairs or power/energy.

The nutrients that the body utilizes for these activities naturally come from the food that the individual takes in. When however an individual begins to engage in activities that make a lot more demand of the body than is naturally expected, the nutrients that the body will require will equally increase.

If the body is unable to fulfill its obligation as a result of insufficient nutrient supply, the individual will experience reduced performance. Since this is likely going to be the case if an individual who engages in intense workouts relies solely on the meals they take, a lot of them resort to supplementing their regular meals with vitamins and other nutrients.

These vitamins and nutrients are simply known as supplements. Athletes and other very active individuals take them to ensure that they are always in top performance shape.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Much more than just taking supplements, there is a need to ensure that what is being taken is indeed what you as an individual need. What person A requires may differ from what person B requires.

Given this, some thought has to go into the selection process to ensure that the ultimate goal, which is attaining and maintaining a top performance shape, will be attained.

Let’s look at some of the factors that should influence the choice of supplements any athlete makes.

Body Type and Need

We all differ from one another in little ways. To this end, it is important for an athlete or body builder to understand the way their body works. This includes noting any health issues, allergies and even preferences. All of these can influence the product that will be right for you.

Current Diet

As the name implies, supplements are not meant to take the place of your regular nutrition source, which are your meals. They are simply meant to fill any holes that may exist.

To this end, you must have a good understanding of your diet. You should be able to break down what you take in, what nutrients it provides your body and in one quantity it was provided.

Nutritional Needs

Following from the point above, you should, as a matter of expediency, know what your body’s nutritional needs are for the kind of workout or activities you are engaged in. Without knowing this, you cannot know how to fill it.

Known Deficiencies

Once you know what your body requires for your daily activities, the quantity it requires and what your current diet supplies, then you can know what areas the supply is deficient. It’s really that simple.

Once you can identify all of the above, all you then need to do is find the product that supplies them. If you are finding it difficult to identify your areas of deficiency, then you may find some help in this article here:


With all of the above taken care of, you are almost done. One last thing to note is the gender specificity of the product you choose. While there are products that may be for all genders, it may be better to go for those that are designed and optimized for use by specific genders. This may make it easier for you to achieve your nutritional and performance goals.

Actual Product

Now that you have all of these information, you should choose your product by ensuring you can answer the following questions with all certainty:

  • What are the constituent nutrients in this product and in what quantities are they present?
  • Is this product safe?
  • How much of it do I need and for how long?
  • Is it gender specific?
  • Is this a reputable brand with a great track record?

Having answered the questions above and comparing your answer with the information you previously collected, choosing the product that will be right for you will be a breeze.

A Look at Beyond Raw LIT

There are so many different supplements that sports persons and body builders can get from stores nation-wide. However, our focus in this article is the Beyond Raw LIT workout supplement.

This is a product that was developed by GNC, a company well known for the sales of gyming supplements and clothing. Despite the fact that this company is known for products that are a bit pricey, its new addition offers some benefits worth considering.

Some of these include:

  • Content transparency – You know exactly what is contained in the product you are purchasing.
  • Dosage accuracy – The dosage given has been clinically proven to be accurate.
  • Regular ingredients – You will recognize a lot of the constituent ingredients, enabling you make proper choice decision.

Aside from all of the above, the manufacturer describes it as a supplement that supports improved mental intensity as well as sustained energy levels. This will therefore mean that this supplement will be suitable for a lot more than just physical workouts.


A lot of folks out there have made supplements the center of their daily activities. This is totally wrong. No medication will take the place of your daily diet. In concluding this article, we will strongly advice that you first ensure that your diet is as good as it can be before considering supplementing it with any product, regardless of how wonderful it is said to be.

What we’ve discussed above will help you get the right supplement for your goals.