10 Tips on How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Stay Healthy

Your health has a huge impact on how much one can achieve in life. We could have the best idea in the world, an idea that would bring us wealth and happiness, but unless we have the health to pursue it; it is likely never going to happen. But how can we realize this, and keep ourselves being motivated?

Baby steps – One of the main reasons why so many people give up on their training regimen or diet, is because they fixate on the long term goal. Instead of doing this, try to come up with short term objectives. Smaller tasks you know you will be able to do. They will add up.

A new body image – Loving our body regardless of our age and weight is always a goal worth chasing. It is possible to achieve that mindset without the gym. With that said, going to the gym to improve our body is just as admirable, and often works even better.

Better family life – The healthier you are, the more active you can be and the easier you will find it to keep up with your kids. All that activity time is hugely important bonding time for any parent, so keeping your health and endurance up is very important for a happy family.

Don’t miss out on that quality bonding time, keep your fitness up! Image courtesy of Canvas Factory

More wealth – When you are healthy, you have the energy to chase your goals and change your life in a way where it will offer more wealth. This should not be the lone goal, but it can undeniably change your life for the better. But for that, you need your health intact.

Better sex life – When you are healthy, you are more energetic. When you are more energetic, your sex life will improve. We aren’t just talking about better stamina, but a deeper appreciation for the whole process and an often vastly improved experience.

Improved mental health – A link between mental and physical health has long been established. If you can make your body healthier, your mind will have no choice but to follow the lead. You will be more relaxed, sleep better and not worry about things as much.

Better health is causatively linked to better mental health. Image courtesy of

The possibility of a longer life – Without good health, the chances of you living a long life will significantly decrease. Even if you do, however, the quality of it will not be the same. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but healthy people tend to live longer with a higher quality of life, especially if they take care with their diet.

Meeting new people – With good health, the possibilities are often endless. You will be more open to new experiences, meeting new people. Getting to know someone is one of the most unique and exciting experience, one that usually changes our lives for the better.

A stretched comfort zone – Our comfort zone is usually influenced by our health. When we are at our best physically, we are more willing to try different things we otherwise wouldn’t. That is when personal growth usually takes place. An obstacle to overcome, a challenging goal.

New Adventures – We are adventurous beings. Even those who will not actively seek them, will often dream about them. For some of us that is enough. But when you are healthy, you can do much more than that. You can actually figure out if you can reach those dreams.

Bonus Tip! A new you – Self-improvement isn’t always a goal of ours, but it probably should be. You can be in a place where you are perfectly happy, but you can still feel stuck. Trying to better yourself is a noble goal and one that everybody should strive for.