5D Ultrasound Machines, Which are the Best?

Ultrasounds are an important part of the prenatal care during pregnancy. The evolution and development of ultra sounds has changed very rapidly in the last 50 years, and lead to endless amounts of health and security increases for women and fetuses. Now we have the capabilities to produces images and ultrasounds using 5D technology.

The 5D machine has one major producer now: Samsung. The highlight feature of the 5D machine is their semi automation.  This is what 5D refers to, is the enhanced and more efficient workflows that makes the scanning procedure easier and quicker by assisting the doctor is routine and advanced test.

The most basic type of ultra sound is the 2d scan. This is the traditional black and white flat image of the fetus. The sounds waves from the machine are bounced off a single plane within the uterus, and then interpreted by the machine to produce a 2d image. The next level of machine is 3d. 3D machines send the same sound waves but the recognize surface area and angles, so when the waves are bounced back the computer instantly generates an image that can show the contours of the fetus.

4D machines are very similar to 3d machine expect with one extraordinary feature: time. They can create live streams of the 3d images to create videos and show the movement, heartbeat, or anything else of the fetus. These are the beautiful videos we see, of fetuses sucking their thumbs, kicking and responding to different stimuli.

The newest 5D technology goes above and beyond anything of the past by taking all the combined features of previous models, with the addition of automated features. In a standard testing the doctor will measure different parts of the fetus body including but not limited to head, heart, and bones. This previous was very time consuming and tedious in order to get accurate measurements. The scans of the 5d ultrasound machine can not only do this accurately but simultaneously produce multiple results.

This high level of automation allows for consistent and quick results providing for a more enjoyable experience for up and coming mothers. The medical community seems optimistic that this new machine will help recognize and address potential problems in the uterus. All this plus the very practical feature of having an Android app to accompany the machine. This allows mothers to download the app to stream the videos, save the images and videos and share with family and friends easier.