Uridine: The Best Brain Booster for You

Are you planning to take any brain-boosting supplements? Then Uridine is a must that needs to be added to your regimen. This natural compound has a profound health benefit, and regulates your overall health and wellness. It’s essential for a broad range of cognitive operations.

What is Uridine?

Uridine monophosphate, also known as UMP, along with guanosine, cytidine, and adenosine, is one of the four components that comprise the ribonucleic acid (RNA). This supplement is a nucleic acid with a pyrimidine base; it bonds easily with an alcohol group of a sugar compound.

Uridine can help in improving the brain function and treating mental disorders, protects the heart, and reduce pain. However, Uridine in this form is highly bioavailable and gets destroyed by the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits of Uridine are innumerable. It serves this purpose of enhancing nerve cell membrane phospholipids and brain synapses by acting along with the omega-3 fatty acid and choline sources. Uridine also works toward enhancing the cholinergic functions of the brain. It also helps to promote health by regulating the function of liver and mitochondria.

Some common Uridine sources

Foods, like sugarcane, tomatoes, broccoli, beer, yeast, and liver are rich sources of Uridine; this nutrient can also be synthesized in the liver up to some extent. However, it’s necessary that you supplement on some additional sources of Uridine to achieve cognitive enhancement benefits.

Uridine can also work together with other types of substances, like phosphate groups and lipids. This supplement is an effective antidepressant because of how it works in cooperation with choline and many other fatty acids. When you consume foods or other Uridine-rich sources, it gets absorbed in the gut, which means that it also has a high degree of bioavailability.

What Uridine does to your brain?

Uridine is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier by getting absorbed from within the liver. It’s one of the 4 components in RNA used for translating instructions from DNA on to proteins. Memories are stored in the synapses of the brain as connections between the neurons. These synapses in the brain require significant amount of proteins for their development.

The level of RNA decreases as we age, that’s why we develop signs of forgetfulness. Using a Uridine supplement can help you keep the RNA levels higher, resulting in better memory functions. Another effect caused by Uridine is the increase in Dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter, which is responsible for regulating the functions of the brain that determine a person’s moods and movements.

How much Uridine can you consume?

Uridine is available in both capsule or in powder form. Its side effects are generally light. However, any chances of physical discomfort can be avoided by calculated intakes. The daily dosage of Uridine can vary between 500 mg to 2 g. An average adult can consume about 1 g/day.

When overdosed, they may lead to very minor imbalances, like stomachache or headache, and the symptoms may vary based on the individual’s sensitivity to Uridine. These conditions are temporary and infrequent, and don’t cause major issues. The only significant side effect is the depletion of vitamin B levels in your body. But it can be overcome by supplementing on vitamin B along with Uridine.

Common benefits of Uridine

  1. Greatly improves your memory – Long-term exposure to Uridine increases memory power. When it’s supplemented with choline, it improves one’s verbal and logical memory. It also influences the fluid intelligence of a person. When your fluid intelligence is improved, your ability to solve problems in novel situations turns effective.
  2. Reduces pain and inflammation - Uridine triphosphate combines with cytidine and vitamin B12 when orally administered. It helps to reduce the back, neck, and join pain. Uridine supplements are also known for their effective nature of relieving inflammation. They also boost the regeneration of liver cells.
  3. Helps protect the heart - When the heart is not supplied with enough blood, it gets devoid of oxygen. Uridine has the ability to normalize the heart and stabilize its rhythmic blood flow.

Uridine is a trusted brain-booster that’s safe for consumption. Next time when you forget your keys, or when you’re worried about aging, try boosting your brain with Uridine supplements.