4 Advances in tracking for the healthcare industry

Tracking a package with medical equipment or supplies is just as important as properly securing it. This is because a number of problems can occur during shipment. The package can get lost, stolen, damaged or too hot as it makes its way to the recipient. To make things easier for the healthcare industry, a number of new tracking method are being used to ensure that you can easily locate the package as it’s shipped.

Real-Time Tracking

In the past, tracking would only update every few hours or days as the package went from one destination to the other. You would only receive tracking updates when the package got to another distributor or shipping provider. While this is fine for regular packages, and it’s still the norm, it’s not good enough for the medical industry.

Technology has advanced to the point where you can now get real-time tracking. Instead of waiting hours or days, the tracking is typically just a few seconds or minutes behind the package’s actual position. This is primarily done by utilizing satellites and powerful servers.

Most reputable carriers have upgraded their hardware and tracking systems so that you can use their satellites. Just input the tracking information and wait for the satellite to tell you where the package is. This allows you to easily locate the package if anything happens.

GPS Tracking

While real-time tracking will tell you the approximate position, GPS tracking will tell you exactly where the package is. Not only that, but it’s easy to record where the driver went as he or she shipped your package. For example, you might see that the driver went to a restaurant or wasted time while shipping your package.

The biggest benefit of GPS tracking is that you will know exactly where the package is. Not only that, but GPS tracking is typically a third-party service that you can use by buying a GPS module. The benefit of this is that you’ll get unbiased data. You’ll also be in control of the tracking, which is a major advantage.

Though it’s very beneficial, GPS tracking is fairly inexpensive. That’s because it’s become a common device that companies use when shipping critical items. Having another active tracking system on top of the carrier’s tracking system will ensure that you can locate the package at all times.

Temperate Tracking

Temperature is very important when you’re shipping medical supplies. Just a few degrees too hot or cold can damage equipment, ruin inoculations and destabilize chemicals and devices. Being able to track the temperate achieves several goals that are beneficial.

The first goal is that you can determine blame. Is it your problem, or did the carrier improperly handle the package? It will also show you how long the package was too hot or cold, which might be necessary information depending on what you are shipping. Temperature tracking is also a legal guideline that you must follow when shipping certain chemicals and medicines.

Temperature tracking can be done either by the carrier or the packaging. Many temperature-controlled packages will have a tracking system that you can use to ensure that the package remains at a consistent temperature.

Mobile Tracking

This might not seem as advanced as the other types of tracking on this list, but it’s incredibly important. You aren’t just going to sit at your computer and track a package from beginning to end without moving. You are going to get up, deal with patients or customers and complete other tasks. You won’t be able to see a problem until long after it has happened.

Mobile tracking allows you to check the status of your package without going back to your computer. Instead of taking minutes to sit at your desktop and check the website, mobile tracking just takes seconds. Not only that, but the mobile tracking system will notify you of any problems as they happen.


Tracking is incredibly important to most industries, but the medical industry needs it the most. The equipment and chemicals are sensitive, and failing to have advanced tracking data can be a major issue. The good news is that most carriers are constantly upgrading their tracking methods to ensure that you get as much information as you need regardless of your package or its destination.

Nicole Pontius writes for Camcode durable tags, a company helping users stay systematized and updated on new ways to keep inventory, clients, and employees organized in the work place with security tags resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures.