Common Signs of Eye Health Decline

Caring for your health doesn’t just involve visiting your general doctor. Total health incorporates all aspects of your health, including the health of your eyes! Often with age, or due to other health circumstances, your eye sight may begin to worsen. If you are noticing changes in your vision you may need to visit an optician for an exam to get to the root of the problem. Here are some of the most common signs of eye health decline to look out for.

Often people notice eye sight decline because they gradually begin to have difficulty focusing their eyes or they may experience blurry vision. If you are experiencing these symptoms do not take them lightly, treat them seriously. This may happen most frequently after a long day of work during which you may be straining your eyes in front of a computer screen all day. If this happens on a regular basis, get it checked out sooner rather than later in order to avoid further decline. The sooner you take care of blurry vision or focus issues, the better off you will b because you can prevent the damage from worsening.

Another common sign of eye health decline is when your eyes being to get tired very easily. Occasional eye fatigue is nothing to be concerned about usually, but if you are experiencing these symptoms every singe day, something is likely wrong. Ask yourself if you eyes hurt when you move them, or if you’ve been experiencing this fatigue of your eyes for a few consecutive days.

Squinting is a common symptom of eye health issues. Often you may not notice yourself squinting at first, but then it will become necessary in order to see things that are either far away or too close. If you squint while reading a book or when looking for road signs, you may want to look into the issue further and get professional optical help.

Loss of peripheral vision is also something people frequently experience. If you have trouble seeing out from the sides of your eyes, you may want to begin to strengthen the eye muscles wit some gentle exercises. An optician can also give you advice about how to reduce strain and regain peripheral vision in some cases.

If you are worried about signs you are noticing regarding your eye health, these common symptoms may be things you are also experiencing including squinting, loss of peripheral vision, blurry vision or inability to focus. Other signs include double vision, halos around lights and changes in colors you see. Overall, be aware of any drastic, significant changes you notice that pertain to your vision on a day to day basis. When in doubt, it is never a bad idea to visit the eye doctor and have an exam conducted at a place such as the Lone Star Eye Center so that you can learn about your current eye health as well as ways to prevent further damage and reduce your eye health decline symptoms.