Tips for Treating and Managing Chronic Pain Without Using Medication

In Western Medicine, the idea of holistically managing pain without medication is a hard pill to swallow. However, there are many theories on pain management – and even practices – which maintain that pain can indeed be alleviated with other means. If you have religious or spiritual belief that prohibits you from taking medication – or if you have a serious allergy – finding alternative methods to treat and manage your pain could be a matter of having the quality of life you deserve. Chronic pain affects millions of people – people who still suffer, even after taking medication. So, where are the answers? Here are some tips for treating and managing chronic pain without using medication.

First and foremost, you need to find several ways to eliminate stress in your life. Stress has been known to increase the severity of chronic pain. There are many reasons why stress can make you more sensitive, but most of it has to do with the fact that your body releases certain hormones, like cortisol, when you are stressed out – these hormones can get in the way of your body’s natural ability to alleviate pain. When it comes to reducing stress, you may want to find ways to isolate certain stressful factors and cut them out of your life. You may also want to practice meditating and doing things that are relaxing – not taxing.

Another way to manage chronic pain is to learn how to breathe. Breathing can be enormously beneficial in alleviating pain. Each breath that we take allows oxygen to flow through our blood and bodies, which promotes the release of natural pain alleviating chemicals. Not only that, but breathing can help you relax, which is also important when you are trying to find ways to soothe chronic pain. The best part about taking deep breaths and practicing breathing exercises is that you can do it anywhere.

Visit a specialized pain management center, like Hope Family of Pain Centers, to find a solution to alleviating your chronic suffering. A pain management center will be able to monitor you closely and analyze your specific complaints and pain centers to find a more permanent and effective plan to manage your pain. Whether you suffer from chronic migraines or osteoporosis, these pain centers have experienced and qualified doctors that will work with you to customize your treatment plan.

Lastly, a great way to alleviate your pain without medication is to exercise. Many people who have chronic pain underestimate the importance of physical activity – mainly because it can be painful to jump into a physical fitness regimen without it being too painful. The key, however, is to find an exercise that works for you. For instance, there are many stretching exercises that are easy to do and you can control how much stretching you do. Also, weight lifting exercises can be effective as well, especially if you lift a few light weights and combine the exercise with some deep breathing. At the end of the day, physical fitness will allow your blood to pump and circulate, which can often have drastic restorative powers.