4 Ways Healthcare Virtual Assistants Can Enhance Patient Engagement


The degree of customer service they receive is something 82% of patients consider when choosing a healthcare provider. If you are a doctor with a private practice, then you know how important keeping your patients loyal is to the long-term success of your venture. The biggest mistake you can make as the owner of a private practice is to overlook new technology designed for healthcare providers.

Patients that are engaged will be more loyal and will schedule visits more often. This translates to a higher level of profitability for your medical practice. Utilizing the power of technology and hiring virtual healthcare assistants is a great way to boost patient engagement. Read below to find out more about how virtual healthcare assistance can enhance patient engagement levels.

1. Easily Track Your Patients Before and After Treatment

Doctors that run medical practices don’t have a lot of free time. Instead of allowing your lack of time to get in the way of patient engagement, you need to hire a virtual healthcare assistant. If a virtual assistant is able to sit in on a patient’s appointment, they can follow up with them afterward. This follow-up will help to ensure that the patient knows what the doctor’s orders are and how to follow them to the letter.

A healthcare assistant can also perform a pre-interview with a patient. During these interviews, the patient in question can voice any concerns or questions that might have. With this information, the virtual healthcare assistant can make sure the patient gets the answers they need. If you need help documenting the information exchanged in an appointment, then you might want to consider hiring a virtual medical scribe.

2. Answer Patient Questions Quickly

When a patient needs answers to questions about a medical condition or a prescription, you want to provide them with answers quickly. A prompt response to a patient’s query isn’t always possible if a doctor is fielding these questions by themselves. If you are tired of getting complaints from patients that aren’t getting answers quickly, then it is time to consider hiring a virtual healthcare assistant.

This assistant will be available to answer a patient’s questions quickly and correctly. Not only will this take the task of responding to these questions off of a doctor, it will also help to boost patient engagement levels.

3. Make It Easy For Appointments To Make Appointments

Are you operating your medical practice with a skeleton crew? These days, healthcare providers are having difficulty fully staffing their facilities. This lack of manpower can lead to phones not getting answered or calls not getting returned in a timely manner. If this has become a problem for your patients, then you need to nip it in the bud immediately.

Making it easier for patients to book appointments will benefit your medical practice. Accomplishing this goal will be much easier if you add a virtual healthcare assistant to your roster of employees.


4. Provide Online Patient Portals

Over the past few years, the popularity of online patient portals has grown. These portals allow patients to access information about recent appointments and provide the ability to request prescription refills. Having a virtual healthcare assistant to manage this portal will help to ensure it runs smoothly. Offering your patients this modern tool is a great way to ensure they stay engaged.

It’s Time To Find a Virtual Healthcare Assistant

Now that you know about the advantages of using a virtual healthcare assistant, it is time to find a remote employee to hire. With some time and research, you should have no problem finding the right person to fill this important role.