5 Cavity Prevention Tips for Children and Toddlers

Positive oral hygiene practices are learned early on in life. As a parent, it is essential that you instill in your children the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and clean in order to prevent cavities and other mouth and tooth issues. Here are 5 cavity prevention tips for children and toddlers.

  1. Teach your children to brush their teeth regularly. Kids needs should be brushing their teeth at lest once in the morning and once at nigh before bedtime. However, it is also important to encourage them to brush after meals to remove food residue and sugars. If you are with your child all day, be sure to have them brush once they have finished lunch or a snack. If they will be at school send them to daycare or school with a toothbrush and toothpaste so that they can brush when they get a chance to go to the bathroom.
  2. Set a timer for your kids to brush for one minute in the morning and at night. Some parents even choose a fun, one minute song which can encourage your kids to brush for the full amount of time. This also makes When they are timed, kids are more likely to brush thoroughly and reach the important hard to reach areas of their mouths such as the molars or backs of teeth.
  3. Remind kids that brushing isn’t enough! They also need to be flossing once per day. Floss helps to prevent gum issues and disease, keeping them healthy. It also helps to protect the teeth by allowing you to remove plaque, tartar and food residue form between the teeth where a brush cannot access.
  4. Avoid sugary foods. While many kids items such as juice boxes and gummies may be tasty to your little ones, they should only have these on occasion, if at all. Sugar rich foods are not only have for their health and immune system, but the sugar is also terrible for teeth. Sugar sticks to teeth, clinging to tartar and plaque. Sugar is also often one of the main causes of cavities! Try to lint access to sugars. instead, enjoy natural sugars found in fruits!
  5. Finally, visit the dentist regularly for your checkup and cleanings. Kids need to learn goo oral hygiene habits and a dentist can make sure they are well informed and on the right track toward a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Kids should visit the dentist, ideally, once every 6 months, or at least once a year for the best results!

Helping kids prevent cavities involves a lot of oversight, education and developing a routine. Once kids know how to care for their teeth and stick to a schedule, they will be able to keep their teeth healthy and avoid developing cavities much more successfully. Be sure to teach them to brush regularly and for a reasonable amount of time. Also encourage daily flossing, reducing sugary foods, and visiting the dentist, such as Valley Family Dentistry, every 6 months. Guiding your child through the process will help them to develop good oral hygiene that they can use for the rest of their lives.