Top 5 Health Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

When we participate in water activities like water aerobics, oftentimes we simply see it as a way to enjoy ourselves. But did you know that there are actually numerous health benefits that come with aquatic therapy?

If you’re interested in knowing about some of the ways that spending time in a pool can actually help to improve your physical well-being, we have provided you with a list of five benefits that are directly related to aquatic therapy below:

It is rehabilitative. There are certain physical conditions that can definitely benefit from aquatic therapy. Some of them include different forms of arthritis, Fibromyalgia, neurological disabilities, chronic pain and injuries that are related to sports. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a doctor or physical therapist to prescribe it as a form of treatment because aquatic therapy has proven to be so beneficial to so many people.

It builds strength and endurance. If you’re interested in toning your body, you can accomplish this with aquatic therapy. That’s because it’s considered to be an effective way to develop your muscles. There are actually a lot of studies which indicate that overtime, you can improve your flexibility, strengthen your heart, control your weight and also rehabilitate your muscles as well—all thanks to spending some time in a pool a few times per week.

It reduces swelling. If you’ve experienced an injury that has caused some swelling, this is another reason why aquatic therapy can prove to be highly beneficial for you. That’s because when you get into a pool of water, the pressure of it will actually move the water that is inside of the swollen part back into other parts of your body. As a direct result, muscle spasms are decreased and the pain in your body is relieved; sometimes for several hours following the therapy treatment.

It improves posture. Here’s something that might surprise you. Were you aware of the fact that aquatic therapy can actually improve your posture? The reason why this is good to know is because if you are currently having neck or back pain issues, while it can definitely work to your advantage to see a chiropractor, depending on what’s causing the discomfort, they may recommend aquatic therapy as well. And as it works to improve your flexibility and build your strength, your spine will start to realign itself, which is awesome being that good posture aids in proper digestion, tension reduction and improvement of the respiratory system too.

It is low-impact. And finally, another reason why aquatic therapy is beneficial is since the buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of pressure that the water puts on your joints as well as your spine, it is also considered to be a low-impact activity. This is great to know if you are using it as a form of therapy following a surgical procedure because you won’t have to worry about their being too much pressure placed onto your body.

Although you can go to a gym or sports center and sign up for a water aerobics class, there are some people who actually make the investment and purchase an exercise pool for their own convenience. For more information on the variety of pools that are available, visit SwimEx.