5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

If you’ve ever been sick over the holiday season, then you know how awful the experience can be. While everyone else is out enjoy parties, attending concerts and entertaining, you’re at home in the bed nursing a cold or worse, the flu.

In order to help you avoid being sick over the holidays this year, we wanted to provide you with five failsafe tips for staying healthy during the holiday season. We’re pretty sure that if you follow these, a snuffed up nose, coughing and all of the other symptoms that come with being under the weather is not something that you will have to concern yourself with. You’ll be able to enjoy the winter season along with everyone else.

Eat well. One of the best ways to keep from getting sick is to keep your immune system up. One way to do that is to eat well. That said, did you know that there are actually foods that are loaded with antioxidants (which is what helps to fight off the free radicals in your system)? Some of those foods include cabbage, lemons, pineapple, carrots and garlic.

Carry some hand sanitizer with you. Some of the dirtiest things are the ones that we use our bare hands to touch including shopping carts and ATM machines (also cell phones if you don’t clean them off regularly). This is why it’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer in your purse or glove compartment. Our recommendation is that you make some of your own. All you need to do is mix one part isopropyl alcohol with one part Aloe Vera gel. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil if you would like. Then all you have to do is put the contents into a container and seal it.

Keep exercising. When you’re covered up in wool coats and big sweaters, we oftentimes tend to let up on our workout routines. But exercising is just one more way to keep our immune systems in peak condition. So try not to stop going to the gym or running on your treadmill curing the winter months. Aside from the fact that it can keep germs a bay, it can also prevent you from putting on a ton of pounds due to all of the homemade holiday eating.

Be smart about your snacking. If YOR Health network marketing company were to put out a campaign that was directly related to staying healthy over the holidays, we’re pretty sure that one thing they would promote is not overdoing it on sweets; that instead, you should do some healthy snacking. A slice of cake and a few cookies are fine but make sure that you also balance that out with some fresh fruit and vegetables and even a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. It’s one more way to fight off any bugs that might be headed your way.

Drink plenty of water. Although it’s always a good idea to stay well-hydrated, it’s especially important when you’re doing a lot of traveling, especially on airplanes. By drinking lots of water, it helps to keep your mucus membranes moist which ultimately keeps a lot of the germ-carrying bugs out of your system. So definitely keep a bottle of water in tow everywhere you go this holiday season!