Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinets

Medicine is an essential aspect of our lives. It is considered a saviour for many, since it can save us from different diseases and illnesses. If you are like most people, your medicines are probably stored in your medicine cabinet. However, things become complicated when a medicine cabinet stores more than one individuals medicine, as is often the case for a family which shares a bathroom. There is only one way to stay organized: clean your medicine cabinet regularly. Cleaning your medicine cabinet not only prevents you from drinking expired medicines, but it will also add to the aesthetics of your house. Here are some guidelines and procedures on how to clean your medicine cabinet.

Procurement of Materials

Before beginning to clean your medicine cabinet, you should first provide yourself with the right and appropriate materials for cleaning. Fortunately, most of these are cheap, and they may even be available in your home. These materials include: black marker, paper bag, flour, rag, masking tape, and a basic household cleaner.  

The Method

Open your medicine cabinet and remove all of the medicines. Put the medicines in a safe place like the top of a table. Additionally, make sure to put them in a place where your children or pets will not be able to reach them.

Put some basic household cleaner as well as some water onto a rag. Use the rag to wipe the medicine cabinet inside and out. Also wipe the shelves and remove all dirt or debris.

Now, using the rag with household cleaner and water, wipe down the medicine bottles and containers. Wipe only the outside of each bottle, never attempt to clean the insides. After you have finished, sort the medicines and other items according to whatever patterns or categories work best for you. For example: medicines for fever, first aid materials, vitamins, etc. 

You should also determine which medicines or items are already out of date or expired. In this way you will not be endangered by expired medicines. Those expired medicines should be set aside.

Also determine if your antibiotics are already expired. If they are, throw them away as well.

Throw away any unused or unopened products especially those cosmetic and toiletry products which are more than one year old. These products' value and quality lessen over time.

Put the items and medicines back in your medicine cabinet using whichever method of categorization that you prefer.

Dispose or throw away those items and medicines which have been banned or non-recommended for use by professionals.

Any pills that you want to throw away should first be dissolved in water so that they can be safely disposed.  

Liquid medicines that you wanted to dispose should be mixed with flour only if they’re safe to be thrown in trash.

Put your clean medicines inside of paper bags individually and tag each of them.

Taking care of your health also means taking care of your medicines. Clean storage of these items is imperative. Follow the above steps to be organized. 

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