5 Ways to Ease Your Dental Office Fears

Fear of dental offices is real – more than10% of people experience this type of fear. When it comes down to it, this fear is understandable – our teeth can be incredibly sensitive and if you have a cavity or any other dental problems, the thought of having someone drill directly on the cavity is almost too unbearable to think about. However, going the the dentist is vital – if you don’t visit the dentist twice a year, you could risk getting cavities. When it comes down to it, having an extremely painful toothache is a lot worse than going to the dentist – the dentist will ultimately provide relief. Here are five ways to ease your dental office fears.

  1. Go to the dentist with a friend. Having a close friend by your side can greatly reduce your fear of the dentist. Whether you are going for a cleaning or to have a cavity filled, having a friend by your side can offer encouragement and it can make the experience go by much more quickly. When it comes down to it, if you have a clinical fear of dentists, a friend may be necessary if you have to visit a dentist.
  2. Bring a playlist of music. Sometimes it is the sound of all the equipment that people fear when they visit a dentist. So, having some earphones and a good playlist may be the only way to distract yourself. Not only that, but music has been known to have a soothing effect, so when you are in the dentist chair, listening to some of your favorite music may be the best way to make the experience a lot more tolerable. Make sure, though, that you turn up the volume to the level where you can’t hear the dentist’s tools.
  3. Talk to your dentist about different sedation options. When it comes down it, you may be visiting the dentist for a painful root canal or cavity filling. Traditionally, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to block the pain, but you may want something a little extra, like a full body anesthetic that puts you out for a few hours while the dentist does his or her work.
  4. Find a dentist you can trust. Having a dentist that knows what he or she is doing is one thing, but you also want a dental practice you can rely on, like Highway 78 Dental & Orthodontics. At the end of the day, you want a dentist that cares about your fear and that will do whatever it takes to reduce those fears. When it comes down to it, one of the best ways to conquer your fears is to find a dentist that you actually like.
  5. Try exposure therapy first. If your fear of dentists is particularly bad, you may want to start slow. Simply visit the dentist for a brief chat – don’t have any work done – and then work your way up from there. At then end of the day, the more you expose yourself to the experience of being in a dental clinic, the easier it will be and the more your fear will dissipate.