8 Signs It's Time To Move Your Parent Into Assisted Living

If you want your parents to live and age comfortably, you might want to consider assisted living options, particularly if you can’t provide them with proper care. Assisted living facilities are for seniors who need assistance with daily activities, such as bathing and cooking, giving them better quality of life, and peace of mind on your end.

Unfortunately, it’s never easy to decide to move your parents into assisted living facilities. In fact, some families don’t want to tackle topics involving the need for assisted living. However, as your parents age, you must make a crucial decision to ensure their wellbeing.

If you’re unsure when to move your parents into assisted living, here are the signs you should look out for:

1. Your Parents Can’t Maintain Their Daily Activities

It can be challenging for your parents to accept the fact that they might need help with their daily activities, but this is why assisted living exists. Difficulties with things such as taking a shower, eating meals, or getting dressed might indicate that assisted living is necessary.

At present, there are many assisted living options you can consider. If you’re confused with the options, you can check the Internet and visit pages similar to this website.

2. Your Parents’ Home Becomes Unsafe

Since older people’s bones are brittle and less dense, they’re vulnerable to injuries from home accidents, like a slip and fall. As a matter of fact, a simple fall may result in broken bones, which can be a serious injury that may limit one’s mobility.

There are many things that make a home unsafe for elderly people, and these include:

  • Winding hallways
  • Big yards with uneven terrain
  • Poorly lit rooms
  • Cluttered closets and rooms

Once you notice any of the above issues in your parent's home, it’s time to move them into an assisted living community with proper facilities and amenities tailored for their needs.

3. Your Parents Have Poor Eating Habits

If your parents can’t cook, it may affect their eating habits. Good nutrition is crucial to maintaining good physical and mental health. Moving your parents into an assisted living facility will ensure nutritious and regular meals are prepared based on their specific health needs.

4. Your Parents’ Health Has Worsened

If your parents’ health has worsened and they find the simplest activities difficult, it might be time to consider assisted living. Frailty is a common symptom of old age, which causes complications in the long run.

If your parents often go to the doctor and appear very tired, it might indicate a decline in their health. In particular circumstances, some parents will tell you that their health is declining and that they find it hard to complete easy tasks, like walking the dog.

5. Your Parents’ Personalities Have Changed

While people change as they age, personality changes later in life could indicate professional help. If you notice any behavioral change in your parents, such as less vibrancy or more inactivity than before, this may be an indication that they require additional care.

If your parents no longer find some things interesting or are experiencing new changes, monitoring their overall wellbeing is critical. Such changes can be signs of more serious issues, and moving them into an assisted living facility could be the perfect solution.’

6. Your Parents Isolate Themselves

Social isolation may lead to early mortality. Older people with few social ties and often live alone, have mobility problems, or have impaired hearing may become isolated because of their circumstances. However, other older people also intentionally isolate themselves.

Isolation is typically associated with chronic diseases, cognitive decline, and dementia. Some signs may include poor living conditions, personal hygiene, and withdrawal.

7. Your Parents Can’t Manage Their Finances Well

Most aging people can’t keep up with their financial responsibilities due to forgetfulness and other factors. For this reason, you might find a massive pile of bills in your parents’ home.

Illnesses like dementia may affect one’s cognition, which reduces your parents’ ability to deal with complex numbers and think abstractly. This may often result in difficulties when taking care of several bills or doing taxes.

Seniors are also frequent targets of financial scams. Therefore, if you notice your parents can’t manage their finances appropriately, it’s time to move them into an assisted living facility.

8. Your Parents Often Forget Their Medications

If your parents often forget to take their medications or aren’t taking their medications properly, it’s a sign that you need extra help to take care of them. Remember that medications can be critical in maintaining your senior parents’ health, and forgetting to take them may lead to a worsened medical health condition.

To prevent any serious health problems and ensure a healthy aging plan for your parents, you might want to consider assisted living immediately.


While the decision to move your parents into an assisted living facility isn’t easy, acknowledging that your elderly loved ones need full-time care is crucial to ensuring their health, safety, and happiness. So, if you notice the above signs, make a timely decision and look for the best assisted living facility near you. This way, you can guarantee that your parents will be taken care of properly by professionals.