All You Need to Know About Home Teeth Whitening Kit

A person’s smile is the number one thing that others notice about them. It has been proven repeatedly that people who smile beautifully are less likely to be suspected of any crime.  On the other hand, it seems that criminals are always associated with crooked and stained teeth.

 While we have learned not to judge a book by its cover, the fact remains that perception is a very strong factor in character assessment.  It is for this reason that straight white teeth are an asset to anyone.  Check this out to find out how a bright smile creates a positive perception in the mind of the beholder.

In days gone by, it was mostly celebrities who cared about perfect dentition. But the story is different these days; everyone desires to have a sparkly smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, anyone can now safely enhance this special feature of the human face.  One sure way of doing this is by whitening the teeth.

Types of Teeth Whitening Procedures

There are two major types of teeth whitening and they are home kits and Dental whitening procedures. The home kit as its name shows is used at home while the second option has to be conducted by a dentist.  Both options are easy, pocket-friendly, and fast and produce great results.

Many people are wary about teeth whitening (especially the home kits). But the truth of the matter is that they are completely safe. The only danger lies in using any random product that you find. It is always recommended that you consult with your dentist before going ahead with any type of teeth whitening procedure.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

It Enhances Your Self Esteem and Confidence

We have established that great dentition affects how people feel about themselves. When your teeth are sparkling white, you can confidently flash a smile. You can also confidently speak in front of an audience.

There is an air of confidence that one who takes their oral hygiene seriously carries and those around would also feel it.

Make You More Attractive

The major culprits of tooth staining are coffee, soda, tea, and food.  So over time, you would notice a dulling of the whiteness of your teeth which also impacts negatively on your appearance. Should we now stop eating because of food stains? Of course not! But we can still watch our diet for improved oral health; this site shows you what to do:

Thankfully, with teeth whitening, you can get your groove back. Whenever you carry out this procedure, you would look more attractive.

It Removes Focus from Wrinkles

Aging is one thing that no one can escape and one thing that comes with it is wrinkles.  If you feel self-conscious because of wrinkles, you can go for teeth whitening.

With sparkling pearly whites, people’s attention would be focused more on your smile. This, therefore, removes attention from every other flaw/blemish on your face. 

You Get Value for Money

This procedure is by far cheaper than getting cosmetic surgery. Even if you do an in-office procedure, you will have a touch-up kit that you can use to maintain the effect for a long time all at a pocket-friendly cost. So, you do not have to break the bank to maintain great oral health and a beautiful smile.

Why You Should Not Whiten Your Teeth without Consulting Your Dentist

Even if you have chosen to use a home kit for bleaching your dentition, it is risky to do so without consulting your dentist. This does not mean that you must use a product from the said dentist. However, expert advice from him/her would guide you in choosing the right product.

There many manufacturers of DIY teeth bleaching products and a good number of dishonest ones. Many claim to use organic products only to add harmful chemicals such as sodium chlorite.  This is the major reason why a consultation with your dentist would be very beneficial to you.

Additionally, they also know your oral health history and can help you steer clear of even harmless products that may not be good for you.

Features To Look Out for When Shopping For A Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Having established that it is necessary to consult a dentist before going ahead, note that you can buy a DIY kit online. It is true that many ‘experts’ advise against buying these kits online but there are some products on Amazon listing that are quite effective and safe.

With the advice from your dentist and the customer reviews that you should get on these products, you should be able to make a good choice.

Additionally, the following are features to look out for both in the product description and customers’ reviews.

Same Quality of Result as That of A Dentist 

Read the reviews on the product that you want to use. Check out the percentage of people who said they got the same quality of result as an in-office procedure with a dentist. Many products make this claim, but you have to check and verify that they deliver on their promise.

Ease Of Use and Convenience

Since it is a DIY kit, it is very important that it be very easy to use. Not only that, but it must also be convenient. The best of these products only require that you brush your teeth and apply the gel, then put the tray in place to do the work. This process does not take up more than 10 minutes per day.

Safe And Painless

It is best to look out for a product that can be used on sensitive teeth, and it should be painless too. Some products are also advertised as being safe for bridges, braces, crowns, veneers, and caps. Find out how true that is before you buy.

No Need for Add-on Products

Look out for a kit that is all-encompassing. This means one that has everything you need for the procedure. It would not be convenient or cost-effective to buy a kit that would require that you buy extra accessories or products. 


It is important that you get a product with a warranty but above that, check and be sure that the seller honors the warranty.


We have given you some basic information about home teeth whitening kits in this article. We do believe that the info shared would come in handy in helping you reclaim your pearly whites.