Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you dreading bikini season because your breasts aren’t like you want them? Maybe they are small, drooping, or unequal sizes. Look into breast augmentation surgery. To find information about breast augmentations or surgeons in your area check

Facts about Breast Augmentations

Before you have breast augmentation surgery, make sure you know exactly what to expect. When you decide you want breast implants make sure you know all your options. Women usually look into getting breast implants after breast cancer surgery or trauma to reconstruct their breasts, to fix defects their breasts from development, to correct a botched surgery, or just to increase the size of their breasts. There are two types of implants a silicone gel-filled or a saline salt water solution filled implant. While they all differ in shape and shell thickness, they are all housed in an outer shell made of silicone.

Most implants are made from medical grade silicone and go through rigorous testing to maintain adequate reliability or accuracy and safety. But be aware that even the most extensive testing cannot stop all risks. Some risks that are involved with breast augmentation surgery are breast pain, rupturing of the implants (with saline implants this could cause deflation), scar tissue that may tighten around the implants or more surgeries. Complications usually develop over time, but a patient can have additional surgeries to modify the size and shape if it changes. When you decide you would like to look into breast augmentation surgery, you will need to set up a consultation with a surgeon.

The surgeon will go over size, shape, texture, and placement of your new breasts. The surgeon will also explain the surgical procedure and how large your incision site will be. Make sure to find a plastic surgeon you are comfortable with and that is reputable. Go over all issues and expectations you may have about your surgery. Going over your expectations with your surgeon will help your surgeon to understand what you have envisioned for your breasts to look like. When having breast augmentation surgery you will be put under an anesthesia during the surgery. Make sure to know all the risks involved with anesthesia and ask your surgeon anything you want to know about anesthesia.

Another important fact to know is that breast implants may have to be redone in a couple of years, they do not last forever. Make sure to understand the risks of having multiple surgeries over several years. It may be sooner than a few years if there are complications with your surgery. Most insurance companies will not cover surgeries; make sure to know your financing options before having your breast augmentation surgery. Make sure to do extensive research before you make a decision on your breast augmentation surgery.