Cybex Treadmills: Running Solely For You

Cybex is one of the most trusted names in international exercise equipment, and their treadmills are of high ranked quality. Physical fitness centers want nothing but the best for their customers, which is why as a fitness center operator, you should consider nothing less than Cybex exercise equipment. Since 1970, Cybex has been working hard to bring fitness centers the most trustworthy, reliable machinery in the exercising world. Their treadmills are some of the best on the market, so why consider any other brand?

Where Are Cybex Treadmills?

All Cybex treadmills are both designed and built in the United States of America. Cybex also has service providers on 6 continents and in over 70 countries around the world for your convenience. It is important to perform regular preventative maintenance on all exercise equipment, and Cybex is happy to help with their factory trained service personnel to better shape your experience with their equipment.

Favorite Cybex Treadmills

Being one of the top brands in exercise equipment, Cybex has multiple treadmills to offer fitness centers around the globe.

770T: Best in Class

Their 770T: Best in Class treadmill offers the most entertainment options out of all other Cybex treadmills, while still providing comfort and stability for its users. This model's suspension deck also has a shock-absorbing feature that adds extra comfort to its user's experience.

750T: Superior Treadmill

This particular model provides users with a larger running area for an extra kick in the user's cardio workout. It also offers plenty of options to vary the user's experience and the intensity of his or her treadmill workout.

625T: Commercial Workhorse

As its name suggests, the 625T: Commercial Workhorse is ideal for the perfect fitness center. It is exceptionally durable and resists wear and tear more so than any other Cybex treadmill available. Its durability allows for maximum performance for anything from a regular walking pace to a high-paced running experience for gym members across the globe.

Total Access Treadmill

The Total Access Treadmill is the piece of exercise equipment all fitness centers need. This particular Cybex treadmill accommodates avid exercisers with physical or sensory impairments as well as your everyday exercise enthusiast. This encourages people with disabilities to enjoy exercising and gives them a reason to feel confident in gaining a gym membership. Owning the Total Access Treadmill shows that you as the fitness center operator promote equality by accommodating all users.

For these reasons and many more, Cybex treadmills are not to be left out of your gym equipment collection. Invite more people to join your gym by promoting equality among exercisers and offering some of the most durable products on the market.

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