5 Easy Ways To Avoid Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are every woman's worst nightmare, especially during this time of year when we practically live in swimsuits and shorts. What if I told you there might be a way for you to put off developing full-fledged varicose veins? Of course, it's not guaranteed that you won't ever develop them, but following these few steps will not only keep you healthier longer but they should help hold off the development of varicose veins.

1. Exercise Regularly

It's important to exercise on a regular basis to stay in shape. Managing a healthy weight is crucial to a long lifespan and healthy lifestyle. Consult your physician before creating an effective exercise program. It may also be beneficial for you to get a gym membership, as well. If you're comfortable with your weight and don't feel the need to exercise extensively, walking is a great way to keep your figure and circulation in tact.

2. Manage A Healthy Diet

Obesity is a large problem in the United States today, which does nothing but help decrease your health and increase the probability of developing varicose veins and other health hazards early in life. Extra weight only adds to the pressure put on your veins, contributing to the growth of varicose veins. One of the best ways to manage your weight gain/loss is to create a healthy diet plan, utilizing all food groups in advised portions. One way to come up with the ideal diet for you is to consult a physician or nutritionist.

3. Choose The Right Attire

When trying to avoid varicose veins, it's best not to wear clothing that puts too much pressure on certain areas of your body. These areas include your legs (of course), waist, and torso. If your last-season skinny jeans are a bit too skinny for you this time around, it may just be time for you to invest in a more comfortable choice of jeans or even knock-around yoga pants when you're relaxing over the weekend. Also, avoid wearing belts too tightly.

In addition to clothes, your choice of shoes also influences how soon you may develop varicose veins. Though they can be stylish and sexy, avoid wearing high heels if you can. There are some pretty fancy flats out there that can compliment your outfit just as well. Your best bet, however, is to invest in a comfortable and supportive pair of sneakers, a pair you can use for both exercise and the workplace (if your uniform allows it). After all, we're ladies. Shopping is what we do best.

4. Kick Back And Relax

When you get home from work and are ready to wind down for the day, one more tip for keeping away varicose veins is by elevating your legs every now and then. Kick back and relax with a cold beverage and good movie. Propping your legs up (ideally above heart level) is particularly beneficial to the circulation of blood flow in your legs. Whether you use a few pillows or rest your heels on the armrest of your couch, you'll be doing your legs a huge favor.

5. Avoid Standing For Too Long

If you can, try to avoid standing for long periods of time. Standing in one place too long puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and veins in your legs, so it's best to try to minimize the time you spend standing. If your job keeps you standing, do your best to shift your weight from time to time so you're not putting too much pressure on one spot for too long. As mentioned earlier, if your job allows, try to find a suitable pair of shoes that are gentle on the feet and don't cause your veins so much stress. Also, if you've got a job that has you sitting for extended periods of time, try not to cross your legs. Crossing your legs actually hinders the blood flow in your legs while seated, which again can increase the chances of your development of varicose veins earlier in life.

So, if you want to keep those long legs healthy and beautiful longer, follow these five easy steps to lead a healthier lifestyle. Better your health by improving your diet, choose the shoes that are most comfortable and beneficial to your health, and don't forget to kick back and relax every once in a while.

Rose Boettinger is a guest blogging assistant for Women's Workout And Wellness. Chicagoland women should visit for a free 5 day guest pass to any of W3's nine area locations.