Essential root canal myths thoroughly debunked

Most people who the dentist has prescribed a root canal always leave the dentist’s office with a restless mind! There are chances that few people might also browse through the internet to get details about the process. People might even try and check whether the process is safe for overall health or not. The online world is a wonderful place to collect vital and useful data. However, today there's a massive amount of unwanted data as well that you need to do away with.

The root canal process is a subject of several myths. Only a proper dentist or a dental clinic such as the likes of Dental Cosmetic Spa can testify that it isn’t dangerous. Some of the essential myths are debunked below:

  1. You require a root canal when you experience tooth pain

There are times when you have decayed teeth that don’t cause pain at all. There are many tests such as percussion testing and temperature testing that will enable us to know the moment a tooth is completely decayed and needs a root canal treatment. Not every tooth pain requires this treatment.

  1. Root canal treatment causes immense pain

Simply put, a root canal treatment relieves an individual of the pain that gets associated with teeth decay or tooth infection. Today, with the use of advanced technology, dentists have the chance to use anesthesia as well as sedation industry. Getting a root canal today is almost like getting a dental filling, and the process is painless. 

  1. Root canal treatment lead to other ailments

It is one of the common myths linked with root canal treatment. And this myth is based on a few assumptions made by individual authors and other people who were trying to heal tooth decay naturally. The natural healing process is however commendable, but that doesn’t imply that the root canal treatment is destined to cause other ailments. All these claims lack scientific evidence. The new root canal treatments are efficient and secure. It takes away all the bacteria from the infected roots, enhances the overall oral health and health in general.

  1. Root canal treatment benefits are transient

The outcome of root-canal is long lasting. It helps to relieve painful gum and toothaches and help to preserve the infected tooth as much as possible. The final crown or the restoration is what seals the treatment. When you get a well-fit and well-made crown it can last several years as well as a lifetime based on your individual dental care routine.

  1. Tooth extraction is better than root canal treatment

A tooth extraction to most is a traumatic experience. This process enables more harmful bacteria to enter into the gums as well as bloodstream. There is no sufficient substitute for a natural tooth. Also, a root canal is a cost-effective process that enables you to keep your teeth naturally. Also, today there are other alternative measures such as dental implants, bridges and the like that helps you to protect your teeth better and keep it infection and bacteria free.

There are the popular myths associated with root canal treatment that needs to get debunked. So, if a dentist has recommended you root canal treatment, you can at best take a second opinion and get the treatment from an ace dentist.