Knowing about the types of massages helps in communicating effectively with the therapist

What kind of massage therapy will be right for you depends on your health and wellness goals. Massage therapists use different massaging techniques after assessing your needs. The therapy is highly customized, and you must talk to your therapist to work out the appropriate massages that provide positive outcome and leads to the right results. When you have an idea about the types of available therapy, it becomes easy to communicate with the therapist and work alongside to select the appropriate massage.

Once you share your problems for which you need the therapy, the therapist uses the information to evaluate your health condition and match it with your health goals. Along with the information related to your physical condition, the therapist will also focus on your medical history, stress levels, lifestyle, medications and any pain areas that can affect the outcome of the therapy. The therapist will then structure the therapy by choosing massages that address the issues you are facing.

Comfort is the key

No matter which type of massages the therapist selects, it is important for you to give feedback about how you feel about it after undergoing the first few sessions. Even if you are aiming for pain relief, the massaging session must be comfortable for you. If it is necessary to undress to some extent for the session, then also you should be comfortable, especially in front of the therapist. Comfort is the key to successful massage therapy sessions, and you must immediately tell the therapist even if you have the slightest discomfort. Here are some types of massaging sessions that you may come across.

Swedish massage

No matter which type of massaging the therapist selects there is one thing common to all – it consists of rubbing, pressing and manipulating your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin. The Swedish Massage is a gentle form of massage in which the therapist uses long strokes, deep circular movements, kneading, tapping and vibration to relax the muscles and energize you.

Chair massage

When you choose to undergo chair massage in Milwaukee, you will have to go through the session while sitting on a chair with your clothes on. The massaging focuses on the upper part of the body while you remain seated on a special chair with your face resting on a cradle. This massage is a fast and effective way of relaxing while you are on the move.

Sports massage

These are massage meant for sportspersons, and the techniques of massaging are like a Swedish massage. The massages help sportspersons to recover fast from sprains and injuries and create a supple body that can avoid injuries. Massages ensure that sportspersons remain active throughout their career unless they face some temporary disability that is entirely unavoidable.

Deep Massage

This massage is useful for targeting deep layers of muscles and tissues associated with it. The massaging uses deep or forceful strokes with slower movement so that the pressure transmits to the deepest layers of muscles.

To address issues of tightening of muscle fibers that result from injuries, therapists would recommend trigger point massaging.