Health Effects And Other Facts To Know About Smoking Pods

Looking just like a USB flash drive, the smoking pods may look very stylish and an effective alternative to smoking cigarettes, but there are a lot of things that you must know about it. The most significant of all is the effect it may have on your health. Ideally, these smoking pods are designed with an intention to help you give up smoking cigarettes.

However, experts and critics are a bit apprehensive about this product much for its cool design and attractive look. Moreover, coming with popular flavors such as and crème Brule and fruit medley, these are also a bit more attractive to the teens, which is the primary concern.

Therefore, before you jump on to any conclusion about this sleek and trendy e-cigarette that has become the talk of the town, it is better to know about it well before using.

A popular alternative

Vaping and vape culture is a hot topic in the social media now. You will have more than 50,000 posts regarding this on Instagram alone apart from the endless tweets and videos about it on YouTube. However, you may not find each and every post and comment as encouraging as you may have thought of, but still, people love it for its benefits.

So, now you may wonder how these e-cigarettes work and whether or not there is anything to worry about its side effects. The e-cigarettes are strategically designed to deliver you a potent dose of nicotine. When you take each puff, you will have the same feeling and addiction as any traditional cigarette.

About the design

These smoking pods have two basic components. The bottom part happens to be the actual device that includes a battery and a temperature regulation system. On the other hand, the top section contains the e-liquid cartridge that you have to stick to the device. This cartridge also acts as the mouthpiece.

  • These pods are rechargeable and come with a USB charger. You can pop it up into any charging block and your laptop, and you are ready to go.
  • However, the design of these smoking pods may slightly vary from one manufacturer to another, but the basic concept of these pods is the same in all. Few may not have any settings while other may sense when you take a pull from the mouthpiece. It heats up and helps the liquid inside to vaporize.
  • Few may not be user-modifiable and may have a special temperature regulation technology. This will prevent combustion due to overheating.

Therefore, make sure you buy a vape from a reliable source as there are reports of burning and exploding of a few vapes that are manufactured by unreliable manufacturers of low repute.

About the contents

You will find a mixture of glycerol, propylene glycol, benzoic acid, nicotine and flavorings in the liquid of the smoking pods. Apart from the nicotine which is known to have highly addictive property, the other ingredients are not known to have any adverse health effects in inhaling.

Therefore, you must be more concerned about the nicotine content of the smoking pods more than any other thing. Ideally, the nicotine content will be limited to 0.7mL or 59 mg/mL in each pod which is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes or approximately 200 puffs.

The pod is usually a "closed system." This means you will not have to refill the e-liquid on a regular basis which is the demerit of the alternative "tank systems," or the vape pens. This ensures better quality control.

Reliable manufacturers follow the set standards in its manufacturing and other than the nicotine a thorough screening process is followed to ensure that all other ingredients in it along with the flavorings are exempted from the 'Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents' enlisted by the FDA.

Cost and appeal factor

Cost of the smoking pods may vary from one manufacturer to another, but it is always recommended that you do not go for the cheaper variety.

The pods come in different classic favors such as Virginia tobacco, fruit medley, cool mint, mango, and others.  Apart from the popular flavors, it is the stick-shaped design that appeals more to the smokers who are desperately trying to quit cigarettes.

The primary intention of the designers is to ensure that the smokers are not reminded visually that they are smoking cigarettes which they are seriously trying to give up. At the same time, the designers also keep in mind the sensory aspect of smoking a cigarette and therefore have a controlled nicotine delivery within its contents.

Apart from that, another reason for the appeal and popularity of these smoking pods is that it produces minimum byproduct in the form of obnoxious clouds of smelly vapor or smoke. This means you can even use it easily inside your room but make sure you find out whether the bar or restaurant you frequent have not yet banned smoking vapes and e-cigarettes inside.

Discreet and amazing

Apart from the amazing features of the smoking pods that will seriously contribute to your cigarette quitting efforts, the discreet look of it is another factor to fall for it. It is easy to hide it from your children as it will look just like a simple flash drive.

Moreover, the cool flavors of its content will not create any repulsive feeling amongst your kids and spouse when you smoke these pods in front of them. These devices are no doubt the safest and most effective way to give up that harmful butt. You will not crave anymore for a regular cigarette once you start taking these.

Apart from that, there is no harm caused by these smoking pods, and there are no significant reports recorded about any reactions due to smoking these pods. Therefore, if you are contemplating seriously on giving up a cigarette, you may try out these smoking pods. However, a little bit of personal research is necessary to choose the right vapor product and a reliable manufacturer to buy it from to be on the safe side.