Top Ways to Help Sooth Emotional Upset

Emotional trouble is bad for obvious reasons, but it's important for us not to let our troubles seep into other areas of our lives. Different levels of upset can call for different remedies, but there are a few things which can help in just about any situation – and here are a few of them.

Indulge in a bit of culture

Whether your cup of tea is cinema, literature or a trip to the theatre, a strong dose of fiction can do wonders for our mental health. No matter how bad our own situation might get, it's good to know that there's always a character out there in a film or book who has it worse than we do. It's also a great form of escapism, helping us to take our mind off the matter.

If you're feeling creative, why not try to put something together for yourself? Writing your feelings down or expressing yourself with paint and a brush, can be an effective means of therapy for just about any problem you run into.

Eat what you want

When you're down, you need to devote every fibre in your being to cheering yourself up. With this in mind, it’s no good restricting what it is that you do. If there's something you wouldn't usually eat, this is the perfect opportunity to let yourself off the hook and indulge in a little bit of what you fancy. Remember not to go overboard though, as excessive comfort eating can lead you to become overweight and lead to other issues, which will only make you feel worse.

Balance your alone time

It can be extremely important to have some time to yourself to unwind, be yourself and collect your thoughts. Whether you spend your time at the cinema, or soaked in a warm, deep bath is up to you, but relish the time you have on your own.

Having said this, there is such a thing as too much time alone. When you're ready, try to arrange to see some good friends. There are few things more comforting than company and no better way to take your mind off something for a while than to chat the night away with some of your closest friends. 

Why it's important to deal with upset early on

When we're down about something, it's easy to let it have a negative impact on other areas of our lives. The side effects of feeling down are wide-ranging. Some people can experience problems with their sleeping habits, while others can become stressed and difficult to be around. Some of us find that it can even provoke cold sore symptoms. Dealing with our emotions in any of the above ways can help to steer us clear of any of these problems.


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