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Where Pilates Came From And How You Can Teach A Class

Pilates as we know it today arrived in 1970, when Alan Herdman established the UK’s original studio. But the method behind the mats was born almost a century earlier. In a recent interview, Herdman explained he studied Pilates in New York before bringing it over to British shores. It was here he was mentored by Carola Trier and Bob Fitzgerald, who learnt their skills from the pater of Pilates... ❯❯❯

Personal Injury Claims Are Not Biased

Accidents happen in so many different ways it is difficult to account for them all. Extreme activities, wrought with danger, produce their fair share of incidents, but everyday living yields injurious accidents too. Risky behavior, leading to injuries, through no one's fault but the injured, are open and shut cases, requiring little investigation. Athletes and sportsmen who push the envelope, do... ❯❯❯

Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

Although they often get ignored, your feet may well be one of the most important parts of your body. Not a day goes by that people don’t use their feet and ankles to get around, yet unless you’ve experienced a devastating injury you probably don’t give them much thought. That’s all well and good, until something goes wrong. If you’ve ever experienced mild to severe foot and ankle pain you know... ❯❯❯

5 Essential Elements of Any Good Weight Loss Plan

Statistics show that almost one third of adults are overweight, which is why losing weight and keeping it off is so important. However, losing weight is much easier said than done. Many people have a hard time sticking to their weight loss plans and most of the time they just give up. This is making the battle of the bulge an even trickier battle. Yet, sometimes people just don’t know what they... ❯❯❯

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun

Although the summer is coming to a close, the hot sun can still do some serious damage. Sure, you need some time basking in its rays to get that crucial Vitamin D blast for your health, but there’s a fine line between quality sunbathing and cooking yourself to a crisp. Overdoing it in the sun will do a lot more than give you a sunburn. Possible side effects include short term issues like heat... ❯❯❯

The Most Common Causes of Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can be one of the most frustrating and debilitating conditions – no matter what is causing it. Nasal congestion, or runny nose as it is often called, is also really common, especially in the winter months. However, there are a number of reasons why you might have a runny nose, or nasal congestion. Some of the most basic causes of nasal congestion aren’t something you should worry... ❯❯❯

Using Ice Vs. Heat to Treat Lower Back Pain

If you’re someone who’s ever hurt your back before, you know that it can be a really painful experience. Something else that you are probably aware of is that the road to healing is usually not one that happens overnight. It takes time for your body to recover from a back injury; however, one thing that can help to relief the discomfort is using some ice or heat to treat it. When it comes to the... ❯❯❯

5 Brain-Healthy Diet Tips

Eating right can undoubtedly help you to maintain a healthy, strong body. Many people change up their diet for the benefits that their body and muscles will receive. However many nutritious foods are also good for improving your brainpower and mental abilities! When modifying your eating habits, be sure to consider your brain health as well for a well rounded health regimen that will leave you... ❯❯❯

5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer to Shape Up

Shaping up can be hard to do. Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation – sometimes it takes a professional personal trainer to actually start getting to work on getting in shape. Studies have conclusively shown that regular physical exercise is critical to living a healthier lifestyle. Also, working out can help prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer. So, why wouldn’t you want to work out?... ❯❯❯

Don’t Become Another Statistic: Beat the Bulge

Most people are food lovers; even though we are aware of the health risks that they can cause, we still indulge in fast food, takeaways and things that are full of grease and fat, a little too often. There are some of us that indulge far too regularly and this can lead to serious health implications and severe weight problems. Obesity is a very real problem and there are more and more people... ❯❯❯